Author Topic: Rios vs Abril, what happened??  (Read 969 times)

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Rios vs Abril, what happened??
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:34:17 pm »
Rios vs Abril, Not knowing either one of them. Only hearing that brandon rios and marquez were fighting in the same ppv and that if they both win their match they would fight each other.

So from this i had some good thoughts on rios must be that good to get a chance to face marquez.

so i decided to watch rios vs abril.

i was rooting for rios obviously to beat up abril, but all i could see was abril giving him some body shots and face shots while rios just absorbed them or tried for some shots, which either fell short or had not much of an impact.

so i knew abril had won, that maybe abril would face marquez. My view on rios a sluggish, slow, fighter nothing good.

but once i heard the first score card, fair to abril, but the other two to rios  :o >:(.

That just took the biscuit. something smelt fish more acurately i feel arum had a hand in this as he was expecting good from rios, so his fighter can take on marquez.

but a terrible decision and if he gets in the ring, he will be ko'd by marquez, i hope.
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