Author Topic: Who Should Floyd Fight? Amir Khan or Maidana  (Read 1074 times)

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Who Should Floyd Fight? Amir Khan or Maidana
« on: February 04, 2014, 04:45:07 pm »
Floyd has decided to let the fans vote on who he should fight next from either amir khan or maidana, funny he doesn't let us vote with pacquiao in the list, cos he knows the majority would vote pacquiao.

but nevertheless the option is amir khan or maidana, as it looks like he has a tough choice, business or challenge and everyone saying no to khan, or maidana.

you can vote here.

I would prefer he face amir khan, because i think he has the better style over maidana, maidana would be chasing all the time and tire out and then comes floyd.
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