Author Topic: Cardio Equipment (wondering if it belongs)  (Read 2314 times)

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Cardio Equipment (wondering if it belongs)
« on: August 02, 2010, 11:21:13 am »
personally i hate cardio equipment..i see it as stress on joints that does'nt help at all

*I put this here just cuz, i don't think it is a complete scam or rip off as i list at bottom*

my reasons-so i have some kinda reason to back it up
2.Range of motion-sometimes compromised
3.cost a ton-Free to run/sprint
4.take up space
5.seriously, they don't burn that much fat..sprinting at full pace does
6. arm swing is compromised sometimes
7.looks stupid
8.takes more time, than real track walking/sprinting ab strength, atleast not to my knowledge

tempo runs-burn fat like none other
sprinting- ultimate workout for sure

a track surface is soft, has great grip and seems to make you tired quickly as you are able to push full force and use all your speed-thus make you more tired

the only time i think they are good 2 use are when you warm up or are injured for some reason..but still i don't like them much for that