Author Topic: 2017-2018 NFL Season  (Read 4275 times)

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Re: 2017-2018 NFL Season
« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2018, 11:13:03 am »
OMG What a game, my first and best super bowl I have witnessed.
That interception changed the game towards the end when ball fumbled out of tom brady.

I didn't understand why the runner touchdown was questionable he ran and did touch down and the other time when the guy ran through the zone and they said ball was out of control and his leg was out so confusing I saw he had ball in hand and was in the end zone.

but omg what a game I was nervous when they were making the decision and the patriots know how to take advantage of time especially towards the end and that final throw could have caused it to over time but saw it was time up and so happy.

memorable moment nick foles played the same game as brady and did touch down.

just awesome

amazing game.

Ajayi is from the UK too :D

Ye I saw that when they showed his stats and he was from as well as when they interviewed him. Great guy. From hackney, but media from outside the UK would say from london, east london, doesn't really say specifically which town.

I would like to try american football.

nah.. don't. heh. dangerous as fu*k. :/

tag football is fun tho.. still kind of injury risky for the knees/ankles but, 100000x safer than tackle.

my 2 cents :D

True. I will prob do it towards the end of my career jk  :P
So athletics, basketball/boxing then nfl.

end of career NFL sounds like an even worse idea.......... :D

i'd rather box than do nfl. nfl is no joke. brain/spinal/knee death. :/ so brutal.