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Title: arch of foot bugging
Post by: PointerRyan on June 28, 2013, 10:00:32 pm
hey guys, well i've been practicing kick boxing with a punchingbag followed by weight lifting. Due to falling sick I've got a 2 weeks break till monday. Anyways, I've noticed that even before i fell sick, the arch of my foot would bug after i'm done with my kicking sessions.

It makes walking alittle uncomfortable. insert some pressure and i can feel that tension. I think i probably provoked the injury while doing a roundhouse kick.

It's nothing to oserious though. But I've tried using those mini rubber balls to kinda like "foam roll" it. It doesnt really hurt. feels good. But within a minute or two that tension comes back.
It sorta feels like that stage right before the cramp, but it's no cramp.

I train barefoot when kicking the punchingbag btw.

Was wondering what's the injury and what should i  do


EIT: I notice the tension when i point my foot downwards as much as i can. upwards doesnt