Author Topic: can't squat but can do 45degree back extensions?  (Read 1880 times)

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can't squat but can do 45degree back extensions?
« on: September 28, 2011, 10:21:10 am »
hey ppl, as some of you jknow, i have a tailbone issue.

well  jsut started hittign the gym after working frmo home for a few months.

I did the squat, with realyl light weight, like 45lbs barbell.
i feel that tension after I'm done.
However, if I would to not arch my back to feel the stretch a little, and insteaqd, squeeze my glutes as hard as i can without moving my back, i wont feel the tension m,uch.

okay, fine, maybe my squat sucks. but anyways, i went to the leg press machine after that to confirm it.
true enough i did a load i could do for 10reps easily.
when i got up, the same tension is felt at the tailbone. I never round my back or arch it. jsut kept it neutral.

so  i stopped and went straight to bulgarian split squat.
the tension felt is a little less, the squeezing glutes technique helped.

after doing 4sets of 15reps,
i went to the 45degree back extension machine, and did about 15reps for 3sets.
As i progressed in the set, i could feel my back being used and getting tired.
But the weird thing was, my tailbone did not hutr a single bit during this exercise.

it's like a though my tailbone is out, and it presses against my ass if i would to perform movement involcing hip flexion liek squats, bss.

I will see a doctor this weekend, but meanwhile, anyone heard or had this problem before?

what did you do?