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Title: Lower back, and elbow recovery, and ankle sharp pain
Post by: PointerRyan on June 10, 2011, 04:53:00 am
Hey people, I've been back in the game for quite a while now. Some of you might still remember that I was an active member here till i got injured. My lower back had a hairline fracture, the cause would be because it  was really stiff.

And for my elbow, i had a fall alst year, the doc said a small piece of bone chipped off. Bt anyways, I  decided to see those chinese physician, and over the course of 3weeks i visited him 3 times and he just crack crack my hand and put some medicine and wrap it up, and after tha final visit, he says i can go back doing whatever i want.

now hre's the problem, my back, I've been doing lots of stretching, but I'm not sure if the stretchign would be appropiriate. so i come here to ask for anyone here who knows alot about low back and probably can give me a great program for me to follow. I play baskebtlala a few times a week only as my knees are much weaker compared to last time. it has a swollen feeling.. anyways, wouldnt take to long to strengthen it.

and for my elbow, well I'm guessing its just like my knees. if i play baskebtlal like 2-3days in a row, i'll feel that same pain feeling at my elbow like how i feelt about 4-6months ago whwen i went to take an x ray an dthe doc said a small piece of bone chipped off, which was a few months after the fall. (I went to a normal doctor when i fell, but after fewm onths of rest, it was still pain during workout, so i decided to see a sports doctor).

Anyways, anybody got ways ofr me to strengthen it? or liek aprogram?

well thn, cheers people
Title: Re: Lower back, and elbow recovery
Post by: PointerRyan on June 15, 2011, 11:34:50 am
EDIT: A new minor injury which gfoes off after a few hours.
its at my right nkle. When I turn it inwards towards the left, i feel a sharp pain on the outer side of my right ankle. Whereas whe n i turn it outwards ,I feel no pain.

Well anyon e thinks the hamstring stretches i do, which is lifting my toes against a wall, one leg , with my back straight, islowly go down untill i feel the stretch? problem is, i dont feel pain at my calves .

so other than that, I don't see why my ankle shold be having the sharp pain. I don't do any ankle specific stretches except for that hamstring stretch which targets the calfs and hamstrings and a lil ankle. I also keep my toes pointing straight forward btw, if that might make a difference