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Title: Misc Rehab Stuff
Post by: seifullaah73 on July 23, 2018, 01:59:01 pm
I didn't know where to post this but found out quite a few interesting things I didn't know about because of my recent back pains. I was looking at back pain diagnosis and reasons behind it and came across one test.

Lie on your back and lift one leg up straight and bring it 90 degrees, if you can do it that is good if you find it difficult to get to the 90 degrees then your muscle is probably hypertonic, meaning it is in a mild contraction state even if you are at a relaxed state.

I could raise my left leg up easily but right leg was a struggle.

I had never heard of hypertonic or what muscle tone was; except for how ripped you look, which is sort of tone is but there is more to it.

When your hamstrings are hypertronic then increasing flexibility can help and tight hamstring as we all know is a factor to low back pain.

Stretches you can do include lying on back and bring knees to chest and try and extend the knee and hold stretch or lie in front of door frame and one leg straight up against the door frame and other leg straight through the door gap. or any other forms of muscle energy technique stretches.

I will post more on the other tests. But below is a site explaining about hypertonic muscles which is interesting.
Title: Re: Misc Rehab Stuff
Post by: seifullaah73 on July 24, 2018, 06:31:40 pm
Here is another test

Test 6: Standing Wall Posture Test

1. Instruct your client to stand against a wall with their heels, hips, shoulders and back of the head against the wall with feet together.

2. Instruct your client to press their neck and lower back against the wall without bending their knees or lifting their heels off the floor.

3. Try to place your hand between your client’s low back and the wall.

Score two (2) points if your client can press their back against the wall (against your hand) and hold it there for 10 seconds without bending their knees or raising their heels. Score one (1) point if your back is one inch or less from reaching the wall.

This one is near impossible for me to do, I cannot make my low back touch the wall and my neck unless I bend my knees.

But it doesn't give you an explanation on what could be the weak link that is preventing this.

Other tests can be found here, which I can do, only this I can't do and the first one.