Author Topic: ways to strengthen an elbow which suffered a fall?  (Read 1929 times)

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ways to strengthen an elbow which suffered a fall?
« on: July 10, 2011, 06:58:26 am »
Hey people, about last year september, i had a bad fall which alnded on my elbow. i went ot the doc and he told me to rest a few months. I did so, and when it felt better, I went back to playign basketball and lifting weights,(light weights for arms). IT hurted when i ;lifted and shoot.
I couldnt take it so i went to see a sports doctor about a month into the routine. He took an x ray and told me a small piece of bone chip [ped off, which of course, can heal back, but it'll take a really really long time. it was febuary since i stopped doing any sports. I rested my arms till about june and started palying absketball agian. About mid june ,i started workign on m  upperbody.

I do bodyweight push usp and pull ups, and then bicep curls and tricep extension( much lighter weight needed for right arm or the elbow would hurt) and some shoudler matrix.

Today, i jsut came back from bball, and as i was doing some really light tricep extension, like 2kg, to warm up my elbow or prehab it as u call it,  it hurted. normally, my elbow wouldnt hurt with this kinda weight. It only becomes this serious when i shoot alot durign my bbal practice, and then hear really light crack sound every now and then during the practice. didn't hurt, but definitely didnt feel good, but a little uncomfortable.

So then, anyone here has had mroe serious injuries on the elbow because of a fall, and now have a really fine working elbow?
How should i strengthen them? should i switch to become a left hander in basketball for shooting? well then,

cheers ppl