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Title: #mma-tv brainstorming
Post by: adarqui on October 19, 2009, 01:32:34 am
[01:18am] Purpdank: im gonna start selling pierce blankets and crocop cups
[01:18am] haloblack: lol
[01:18am] adarq: hah
[01:18am] bcow: i'm gonna start selling rogan bongs
[01:18am] Purpdank: nice
[01:18am] Purpdank: we should team up
[01:18am] adarq: im gonna start selling myself for crack-rock
[01:18am] bcow: and gsp brand synthetic grease
[01:18am] Purpdank: we can sell gsp vasoline
[01:18am] Purpdank: yup
[01:18am] bcow: haha
[01:18am] Purpdank: i like how you think!
[01:19am] adarq: and couture wheelchairs/dentures
[01:19am] djunknown: kimbo hair grease
[01:19am] Purpdank: we can sell bj penn tear free baby shampoo
[01:19am] djunknown: and beard grease
[01:19am] bcow: we can sell chuck liddell cold medicene
[01:19am] bcow: sean sherk supplements
[01:19am] djunknown: rashad evans head pillows
[01:19am] haloblack: i hope pierce fucks up his roid cycle
[01:19am] haloblack: and tests poz
[01:19am] adarq: sell forrest griffin treadmills
[01:19am] DanMan010: and Tim Syliva diarhea meds
[01:19am] bcow: anderson body bags
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[01:20am] Purpdank: mark colemon anger mangement counsling
[01:20am] DanMan010: Lyoto brand piss
[01:20am] djunknown: josh barnett pre steroid checker
[01:20am] ffx`: in before a bad joke about evan tanner
[01:20am] haloblack:
[01:20am] mmalnk: :: Picture of Mike Pierce vs. Brock Larson
[01:20am] haloblack: hahah look
[01:20am] Purpdank: evan tanner survial guides
[01:20am] haloblack: pierce is like "OMG NO DONT HIT ME!"
[01:20am] Purpdank:
[01:20am] bcow: tito xxl hats
[01:20am] djunknown: half price
[01:20am] adarq: krazyhorse get out of jail free cards
[01:21am] ffx`: feodr mickey mouse ears
[01:21am] ruina: Rickson brand water bottles
[01:21am] Purpdank: lol @krazyhorse
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[01:21am] ffx`: noguiera voodoo dolls
[01:21am] djunknown: rampage GPS navigator w/ police scanner
[01:21am] Purpdank: frank mir motorcyles
[01:21am] bcow: lol
[01:21am] adarq: roy nelson KFC buckets
[01:22am] K-1 set a limit on the number of room members to 168.
[01:22am] MMA set a limit on the number of room members to 168.
[01:22am] adarq: this is the first time this channel has ever come together
[01:22am] Purpdank: [22:21] <+djunknown> rampage GPS navigator w/ police scanner
[01:22am] Purpdank: lol
[01:22am] adarq: for a common cause
[01:22am] djunknown: roy nelson BK Burger no pickles
[01:22am] haloblack: brock lesnar tattoo supplies
[01:22am] xZeddx: war pickles
[01:22am] bcow: stephan bonnar ...... well lets face it no ones gonna buy anything of his
[01:22am] ffx`: wanderlei silvas botox
[01:22am] Purpdank: lol
[01:22am] xZeddx: two whopper jrs no tomato no onion = $2 nugga
[01:22am] Purpdank: stephan bonnar
[01:22am] haloblack: hammerhouse gas maks
[01:22am] haloblack: masks *
[01:22am] bcow: rich franklin potato heads
[01:23am] ffx`: zulus workout tapes
[01:23am] ruina: xZeddx "two whoppers jr"
[01:23am] adarq: maia superman capes
[01:23am] bcow: cuz his face gets rearraged all the time
[01:23am] Purpdank: im gonna make a marijuana strain called nick diaz
[01:23am] bcow: whats one for the caveman
[01:23am] DanMan010: thats it
[01:23am] DanMan010: Nick Diaz brand mugs
[01:23am] xZeddx: pure sativa for his ADHD
[01:24am] Purpdank: clay guida geico insurance
[01:24am] Purpdank: so easy a caveman can do it
[01:24am] bcow: hah
[01:24am] djunknown: kimbo action figure
[01:24am] djunknown: grease sold separately
[01:24am] haloblack: no
[01:24am] adarq: hqhhhaahahahah
[01:24am] Purpdank: gina carano porn
[01:24am] haloblack: kimbo slice bbq
[01:24am] Wanderlng: clay guida backpack, the backpack that sleeps on you
[01:24am] adarq: Purpdank: clay guida geico insurance
[01:24am] ffx`: giana caranos vagina mould
[01:24am] bcow: nice wand
[01:24am] bcow: gina carano fleshlight
[01:24am] haloblack: gina carano flesh light
[01:24am] haloblack: damnit
[01:24am] haloblack: i was typing it
[01:24am] Purpdank: Wanderlng, nah the backpack comes with the mike pierce blanket. for a limited time only
[01:24am] adarq: wow
[01:25am] ffx`: brock lesnars ankle
[01:25am] adarq: zulu weightloss pills
[01:25am] bcow: travis lutter energy drink
[01:25am] ffx`: beat the ufc champ in your own home
[01:25am] Purpdank: dana white's hairclub for men
[01:25am] ruina: i figured it would be a marcelo garcia brand backpack
[01:25am] adarq: melvin manhoef meatloaf
[01:25am] ffx`: dan hendersons dentures
[01:25am] Purpdank: lol
[01:25am] ffx`: dentaldan
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[01:26am] djunknown: crocop 401 k retirement plan
[01:26am] ffx`: badr haris gnp
[01:26am] adarq: buffer360 chris hansen shirts
[01:26am] Purpdank: diaz brothers hooked on phonics
[01:26am] xZeddx: James Thompson Q-tips.
[01:26am] djunknown: how to get all u can out of dana white
[01:26am] Wanderlng: lol
[01:26am] bcow: michael bisping hot air balloons
[01:26am] djunknown: with minimum effort
[01:26am] haloblack: dana white hair plugs
[01:26am] adarq: kimbo soul glo
[01:26am] ffx`: cecil peoples jerry curl
[01:26am] Wanderlng: Seth Petruzelli's Chapter 11 Bankrupty guide
[01:26am] Purpdank: cecil people eye glasses
[01:27am] djunknown: somebody do the NY badass
[01:27am] bcow: frank fertitas cement shoes
[01:27am] adarq: cecil peoples lasics eye surgery
[01:27am] Purpdank: lol
[01:27am] ruina: lol
[01:27am] Purpdank: anderson silva dance lessons
[01:27am] DanMan010: Baroni brand Bottled Roid Rage
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[01:27am] adarq: baroni axe bodyspray
[01:27am] adarq: lulz
[01:27am] bcow: patrick cote knee braces
[01:27am] Purpdank: baroni tan lotion
[01:28am] Wanderlng: Krystof Sosynoski's Spelling Bee
[01:28am] bcow: baroni hot shorts
[01:28am] djunknown: heyooo
[01:28am] xZeddx: could they of picked a blurrier picture?
[01:28am] ffx`: matt hughes' book
[01:28am] xZeddx: lol
[01:28am] adarq: rampage anti-rape mace
[01:28am] Purpdank: cung le disappearing magic set
[01:28am] Wanderlng: Junie Browning Self Defence
[01:28am] bcow: lol
[01:29am] bcow: cb dolloway chin putty
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[01:29am] adarq: jason thacker anti-bed wetting kit
[01:29am] djunknown: lol
[01:29am] djunknown: mace
[01:29am] DanMan010: Tito Ortiz Syhpilis Cream
[01:29am] bcow: chris leben paternity test
[01:29am] ffx`: shinya aoki's sleeping pills
[01:29am] Wanderlng: lol
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[01:29am] adarq: aoki spandex pants <-- they sell this
[01:30am] adarq: tito ortiz hiv-vaccines
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[01:30am] djunknown: tito ortiz action figure
[01:30am] djunknown: head sold separately
[01:30am] Wanderlng: matt hughes country breakfast -- classic
[01:30am] Purpdank: jesse taylor bullet proof limo's
[01:30am] ffx`: shaq's bjj brown belts
[01:30am] bcow: nate marquardt hooked on phonics
[01:30am] adarq: andre arlovski chinstraps
[01:30am] xZeddx: Kalib Starnes running shoes.
[01:30am] Purpdank: hahha
[01:30am] DanMan010: Kalib Starnes Calf Balm
[01:30am] Purpdank: good one xZeddx
[01:30am] DanMan010: fuck you beat me to it
[01:30am] djunknown: lol
[01:30am] bcow: lol
[01:31am] adarq: wes shivers gas @ Exxon Mobil
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[01:31am] djunknown: how about jardine
[01:31am] xZeddx: Tim Sylvia Depends
[01:31am] adarq: keither jardine Klan Hoods
[01:31am] Wanderlng: sean salmon's yellow bus
[01:31am] djunknown: lol
[01:31am] bcow: melvin guillard straws
[01:31am] adarq: sean salmons concussion-induced coma care
[01:31am] DanMan010: Corey Hill Calcium Pills
[01:32am] bcow: lol
[01:32am] adarq: hahaha
[01:32am] Wanderlng: this should be a thread classic
[01:32am] adarq: corey hill weight gainer
[01:32am] adarq: wanderng
[01:32am] ffx`: miguel torres passport
[01:32am] adarq: im saivng it
[01:32am] adarq: as we speak
[01:32am] adarq: heh
[01:32am] Wanderlng: Gabe Ruedigar's chocolate cake
[01:32am] adarq:
[01:32am] mmalnk: :: #mma-tv brainstorming
[01:32am] bcow: carl paresian penis pump
[01:32am] adarq: gave rudiger colon blow
[01:33am] MMA set a limit on the number of room members to 166.
[01:33am] K-1 set a limit on the number of room members to 166.
[01:33am] ffx`: diego sanchez rub on tattoos
[01:33am] xZeddx: Overeem steaks
[01:33am] DARUDE:  the sad truth
[01:33am] djunknown: lol nice one adarq
[01:33am] xZeddx: bwahahaha
[01:33am] adarq: lol
[01:34am] bcow: hermes franka slushys
[01:34am] DanMan010: Dan Quinn Body Guard service
[01:34am] adarq: damn
[01:34am] adarq: nate diaz "Gangland: Compton" series on a&e
[01:34am] xZeddx: Stockton foo
[01:35am] adarq: right
[01:35am] djunknown: tito ortiz guide to dating and keeping a whore
[01:35am] adarq: nick diaz bong set
[01:35am] xZeddx: I would buy a Diaz bong
[01:36am] DARUDE: smoke some marinol
[01:36am] DanMan010: Sanchez Anti-Rabie foam
[01:36am] xZeddx: marinol is shit
[01:36am] ffx`: rashad evans pillow
[01:36am] bcow: keith jardine smelling salts
[01:36am] theduke: oorlog lol
[01:36am] theduke: where is that jew
[01:36am] DanMan010: Liddell Dance Lessons
[01:36am] adarq: owned by fedor headstones
[01:36am] xZeddx: AA Revolvers
[01:36am] bcow: we are doing liddell cold medicene already
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[01:37am] adarq: haha zedd
[01:37am] adarq: brett rogers tire rotations
[01:37am] djunknown: lol headstones nice
[01:37am] bcow: whats one for fedor
[01:37am] adarq: i gave u a fedor one son
[01:37am] bcow: didn't see it
[01:38am] adarq: mayhem miller ritalon medication
[01:38am] DanMan010: Babalu brand Vise Grips?
[01:38am] DanMan010: nah that kinda blows
[01:38am] djunknown: what was the name of the TUF fighter who moved all the plates outside
[01:38am] ffx`: gegard mousassis novelty cheques
[01:38am] xZeddx: Karo Parisyan benzodiazepenes
[01:38am] djunknown: he could have a picnic set
[01:39am] bcow: tj money maker bullet proof glass
[01:39am] bcow: err whatever the fuck his name was
[01:39am] adarq: herb dean herb
[01:39am] bcow: dan mirgliota head polish
[01:39am] adarq: cyborg chastity belts
[01:39am] djunknown: what was the gross thing one of em did with pee
[01:40am] bcow: already had that one
[01:40am] djunknown: i forget the prank
[01:40am] adarq: semen in his sushi
[01:40am] adarq: ..
[01:40am] bcow: oooh nm i thoguht yo meant lyoto drinking it
[01:40am] adarq: shony carter spedos
[01:40am] ffx`: frank triggs neckbrace
[01:41am] adarq: ahaha
[01:41am] bcow: shivers oxygen masks
[01:41am] DARUDE: mmhm 77billion dollars annually
[01:41am] DARUDE: good reason to legalize it
[01:41am] DanMan010: Pulver Bottled one hit wonder
[01:41am] djunknown: rory is gay stickers
[01:42am] bcow: brock lesnar skin swords
[01:42am] adarq: faber ballsack chin attachment for trucks
[01:42am] adarq: urijah
[01:43am] haloblack: oh wtf h4x
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[01:43am] adarq: matt hammil hearing aids
[01:43am] haloblack: i thought pierce was undefeated
[01:43am] adarq: lulz!!!!
[01:43am] DanMan010: New nike Air Griffin