Author Topic: UFC: Hardy Vs GSP  (Read 1787 times)

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UFC: Hardy Vs GSP
« on: March 27, 2010, 09:45:57 pm »
brucelee making the worst fight pick ever, worse than my clottey over pac pick:

[9:31pm] brucelee: god
[9:31pm] brucelee: nate diaz sounds like a retarded child
[9:31pm] brucelee: dumb fucks like that never succeed in anything
[9:31pm] brucelee: markham by whatever he wants
[9:31pm] brucelee: markham by whatever he wants
[9:32pm] blackbart: brucelee is wrong
[9:32pm] ABRAHAM: uh
[9:32pm] ABRAHAM: nate diaz is a tough fuck
[9:32pm] brucelee: markham by decisuion
[9:32pm] ABRAHAM: diaz by sub round 2
[9:32pm] ABRAHAM: so stfu
[9:32pm] brucelee: markham by decisuion
[9:33pm] blackbart: no way markham wins by sub
[9:33pm] brucelee: no decision
[9:33pm] brucelee: tough street of stockton cali
[9:33pm] brucelee: rofl
[9:34pm] brucelee: that place is some safe ass suburb
[9:34pm] brucelee: i live 30 minutes from it
[9:34pm] ABRAHAM: hah
[9:34pm] ABRAHAM: im sure its got very badsareas
[9:34pm] ABRAHAM: areas
[9:34pm] ABRAHAM: it was in a snoop song
[9:34pm] blackbart: did you go by the diaz residence??
[9:34pm] ABRAHAM: ....
[9:35pm] blackbart: they smoke weed & kill people
[9:35pm] brucelee: rofl...
[9:35pm] brucelee: its near oakland
[9:35pm] ABRAHAM: u should go hidden cam them, watch purpdank giving them bj's
[9:35pm] brucelee: markham didnt make weight
[9:35pm] brucelee: THIS IS OVER
[9:35pm] brucelee: THIS IS OVER
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: hes a bitch thars y
[9:36pm] brucelee: markham is walking around at 230 lbs
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: thats
[9:36pm] blackbart: 177.. not even close
[9:36pm] brucelee: markham is walking around at 230 lbs
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: hes gonna get choked to sleep
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: ......
[9:36pm] brucelee: its over for nate diaz
[9:36pm] brucelee: his career is over
[9:36pm] brucelee: I CHANGE MY DECISION
[9:36pm] brucelee: TO KNOCKOUT
[9:36pm] brucelee: MARKHAM RD1 KNOCKOUT
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: lol
[9:36pm] brucelee: MARKHAM RD1 KNOCKOUT
[9:36pm] ABRAHAM: sleep
[9:37pm] brucelee: predictions in
[9:37pm] brucelee: ok
[9:37pm] brucelee: all in
[9:37pm] brucelee: too late
[9:37pm] brucelee: no change
[9:37pm] brucelee: HE DIDNT EVEN PHASE MARKHAM
[9:37pm] brucelee: with all his power
[9:37pm] brucelee: god markham looks like some stupid newbie
[9:37pm] brucelee: what the fuck
[9:38pm] brucelee: he fights like a wuss
[9:38pm] ABRAHAM: hahahahah
[9:38pm] ABRAHAM: hes gettuing raped
[9:38pm] ABRAHAM: hahahahaahahahah
[9:38pm] ABRAHAM: ggggG
[9:38pm] brucelee: wt
[9:38pm] brucelee: wtf
[9:38pm] brucelee: wtf
[9:38pm] blackbart: whyy
[9:38pm] brucelee: GOD
[9:38pm] brucelee: THIS GUY
[9:38pm] brucelee: NEEDS TO GET CUT
[9:38pm] brucelee: NEEDS TO GET CUT
[9:38pm] brucelee: NEEDS TO GET CUT
[9:39pm] brucelee: omfg...
[9:39pm] brucelee: are yoU KIDDING ME
[9:39pm] brucelee: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
[9:39pm] brucelee: god....
[9:39pm] brucelee: what the FUCK
[9:39pm] brucelee: OK WE WERE BOTH WRONG
[9:39pm] brucelee: OK WE WERE BOTH WRONG
[9:40pm] brucelee: rd1 knockout
[9:40pm] brucelee: TKO
[9:40pm] brucelee: TKO
[9:40pm] brucelee: u said sub
[9:40pm] brucelee: we were bothj wrong
[9:40pm] ABRAHAM: hhaahahaahahaahahahaahhaaahaha
[9:40pm] blackbart: not me i was right
[9:40pm] ABRAHAM: u = fail
[9:40pm] brucelee: hahaha
[9:40pm] brucelee: YOu didnt even make a prediction blackbart
[9:40pm] brucelee: god markham is a joke
[9:40pm] blackbart: yes i did
[9:40pm] ABRAHAM: best nate ive ever seen
[9:40pm] ABRAHAM: .........
[9:41pm] blackbart: yeah his stand up lookd good, more on par with nicks
[9:41pm] blackbart: i used to think nick had way better stand up than nate
[9:41pm] ABRAHAM: ya
[9:41pm] ABRAHAM: more power................
[9:43pm] brucelee: THAT FUCKING WUSS FUCK
[9:43pm] brucelee: markham
[9:43pm] brucelee: god..
[9:43pm] brucelee: that was such a waste of time
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: nate could beat gsp.......
[9:43pm] brucelee: hahahaha]
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: im serious
[9:43pm] brucelee: hahahaha]
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: dude
[9:43pm] brucelee: hahahaha]
[9:43pm] brucelee: hahahaha]
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: he would submit gsp
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: for sure
[9:43pm] ABRAHAM: im not kidding
[9:43pm] brucelee: HAHHAAHHAHA
[9:43pm] brucelee: HAHHAAHHAHA