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Game Of Thrones
« on: June 09, 2013, 07:10:19 pm »

Game Of Thrones, or GoT for short, is like adult Harry Potter without magic and wizards. It's a story about medieval era battle for the kingdom. There is a small small portion of magic/dragons but so minimal that it's basically reality. If you think it's kids stuff, think again. Very violent and many many characters get killed. 

It's a very amazing story that is exactly like the books at most times. The books have been in the making for 16 years and still a work in progress. 

Honestly this is something you have to try and you'll probably like it. It's an amazing story but difficult to describe. Best for people who enjoy long stories, action/violence, and strategy
Story is amazing
Acting, outstanding
Scenery is fantastic
Hot girls
lost of action.

only offered on HBO
Very long time to watch(29 episodes are out with each lasting roughly an hour!!)
You'll probably get pissed at remembering so many characters, but they'll eventually die :)