Author Topic: created an "Old Journals" section  (Read 13444 times)

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created an "Old Journals" section
« on: January 31, 2019, 03:46:25 pm »
meant to post this the other day:

I had removed the "Journal Graveyard" a while ago. So, after gukl's request to move an old journal to the graveyard, I created "Old Journals" instead.

I don't really like the concept of: "Journal Graveyard: Quitters, Deserters, etc". I guess when I created it back then, I was annoyed when people stopped journaling, stopped training, etc. So maybe it was partially a tactic to shame people who stopped journaling etc, in an effort to keep others focused etc. Who knows.. Regardless, it was too aggressive. That kind of stuff might work short term, but the result in the end will always be the same.

Anyway, I moved all journals over a year old into this new section, no exceptions. No disrespect intended either, just some maintenance. It makes sense that the journals section should represent actively maintained material, so you have a clear picture of how many people are consistently or somewhat-consistently working on something.

We have an "arcane system" on here, but it works.