Author Topic: Upload video files wothout youtube  (Read 1455 times)

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Upload video files wothout youtube
« on: April 24, 2013, 09:58:10 am »
If i could directly upload a video file, like a .mov from my phone, i would post many more clips of my training. I dont post many clips because i would have to upload them to youtube but i dont want to upload just one short clip, if rather make a nice video.

Is this possible? Appreciate your comp skills adarq.
"Performance during stretch-shortening cycle exercise is influenced by the visco-elastic properties of the muscle-tendon units. During stretching of an activated muscle, mechanical energy is absorbed in the tendon structures (tendon and aponeurosis) and this energy can subsequently be re-utilized if shortening of the muscle immediately follows the stretching. According to Biscotti (2000), 72% of the elastic energy restitution action comes from tendons, 28% - from contractile elements of muscles.


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Re: Upload video files wothout youtube
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2013, 10:19:25 am »
you could get vine if you have an iphone. clips are limited to six seconds but it's designed for really easy sharing and you can embed them. just a thought.
Muscles are nonsensical they have nothing to do with this bullshit.

- Avishek

sunday: long very easy run 80+ mins @ 5:40+ (14+ km)
monday: strength/cross training
tuesday: extensive tempo (7 km) OR fartlek (mostly easy pace with mix of strides, hills, long tempo) 45 mins (8+ km)
wednesday: easy run 60+ mins @ 5:20-5:30 (11+ km)
thursday: easy run 60+ mins @ 5:20-5:30 (11+ km), strength/cross-training
friday: rest
saturday: short tempo 6-8x500 @ sub-4:00 (7 km)

strength would be:
- hops 2x10
- box jumps or ME SVJ 2x5
- squats 3x6-8 or weighted BSS/lunges 3x10/leg
- RDL/hypers 2x10-12 or SLRDL 2x10-12/leg
- upper push myo-reps or sets to technical failure
- upper pull myo-reps or sets to technical failure
- leg raises, holds, pallof presses