Author Topic: whey protein and milk causes acnes?  (Read 1993 times)

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whey protein and milk causes acnes?
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:27:55 pm »
Hey guys, well i always have had acne and pimple problems ever since i was 14. I will eb turning 19this year. Last year january, I went to see a dermatologist and took Roaccutane which apparently reduces oil secretion .after three months the acnes and pimples on my face subsided and really got much better. Though during that time, Ithere were stilll acne popping up on my chest are every once in a while. Recently, my acne problem relapse and I'm taking the same medicine again.
the thing is the doctor says that it's alright to take milk, but cut out whey protein as it apparently has steroids in it, something I know isn't true as if whey protein, or at least the once i've been taking had steroids in them, I would definitely be much more muscular and my chinups wouldve gone up much faster. I've pretty much been progressing very slowly, slow enough that it feels like my progress is stagnant. Well but my workout and rehab program for my back isn't the topic here.

Now , I've looked up milk and whey proteins, and apparently both may have side effects of acnes and pimples.
My current diet consist of only one scoop of whey protein(24g protein)every morning or two scoops (the second serving after workout), and 3-4glasses of milk(anbout 200-250ml each class).
so 4glasses of milk is about 24g of protein and 480calories, whereas one scoop of protein is only 120 calories.

I don't mind eating a lil more of other stuff to compensate for the absence of one, but I was wondering if you guys think I should cut both, or if i were to cut one which should I cut?

I'm looking into getting calcium pills + vitamin D as agian, I read some research on how taking calcium pills alone increases risk of cancer or something like that, whereas when accompanied with vitamin d, consumers get better result. I mean after all, vitamin Ds helps in calcium absorption



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Re: whey protein and milk causes acnes?
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 07:14:27 pm »
i've never noticed acne from whey protein but milk makes me break out especially if i'm drinking a couple glasses a day. not to a point where i'd change it, i just use a acne wash which will dry my skin and clear it up.

i'd suggest cutting the milk. especially since you can consume one glass of water and get 40-50 grams of protein from whey where as you're going to have to consume enough milk to give anybody acne even w/o a problem to get the same amount.

another thing to consider is does your whey protein have creatine in it? that can also cause breakouts.