Author Topic: Bot Flys are so creepy  (Read 3167 times)

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Bot Flys are so creepy
« on: May 09, 2010, 10:51:20 pm »
[10:39pm] bis0n: bot flies are hectic
[10:40pm] bis0n: zoom in on them they got little black spikes to stay dug into ur skin
[10:40pm] adarq: ?
[10:40pm] bis0n: bastards.
[10:40pm] adarq: u see that pimple]
[10:40pm] bis0n: that pimple vid
[10:40pm] bis0n: is a bot fly
[10:40pm] adarq: in the liveleek vid
[10:40pm] adarq: wtf?
[10:40pm] adarq: god damn man
[10:40pm] bis0n: type in bot fly in youtube
[10:40pm] bis0n: prepare to be amazed
[10:40pm] adarq: fuck i dont even want to
[10:40pm] bis0n: do it
[10:40pm] bis0n: NOW
[10:40pm] adarq: thag shtit looks evil
[10:40pm] bis0n: u get them from beaner countries
[10:40pm] bis0n: MOSQUITOS lay the eggs in ur skin
[10:40pm] bis0n: and that thing grows
[10:41pm] adarq:
[10:41pm] adarq: damn
[10:42pm] adarq: god im about to puke
[10:42pm] adarq: i dont like the idea of bot flies
[10:42pm] adarq:
[10:42pm] durant: Youtube Title: "Bot Fly"
[10:42pm] adarq: disgusting
[10:43pm] bis0n:
[10:43pm] bis0n: check the black spikes
[10:43pm] adarq: holy fucking christ
[10:43pm] bis0n: they piss me off
[10:43pm] bis0n: omfg
[10:43pm] adarq: how deep can they go
[10:43pm] adarq: ?
[10:43pm] bis0n: i dono
[10:44pm] bis0n: not in ur bloodstream
[10:45pm] adarq: r they dead when u pull them out ?
[10:45pm] bis0n: no
[10:45pm] bis0n: they kill them tho
[10:45pm] bis0n: with tape over or vaseline
[10:45pm] bis0n: so ya..
[10:46pm] bis0n: dont think u can pull them out alive cause they puff up with the spikes
[10:46pm] adarq: daaaaaaamn
[10:46pm] adarq:
[10:46pm] bis0n: i want 1
[10:46pm] durant: Youtube Title: "3 bot fly for the price of one"
[10:46pm] adarq: holy fucking christ
[10:46pm] adarq: 2:40 in that vid
[10:46pm] adarq: its like 3 inches long
[10:48pm] bis0n: ffffuuu
[10:49pm] bis0n: hey mom, that trip to brazil was amazing, cant wait to go again
[10:49pm] bis0n: hey whats this on my arm?
[10:49pm] bis0n: .jpg
[10:49pm] adarq: ya
[10:49pm] adarq: for real
[10:50pm] adarq: imagine getting one in ur ballsack