Author Topic: Girls are rating you, without your consent, via a new app called LULU  (Read 2262 times)

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Dear males,

There is a new app called "lulu" that allows girls to rate guys, but it's not a dating app...

Upon downloading the app you will see your profile as females see it. You can see how many girls are "checking you out" or visiting your profile. Earlier today I had 7. Now I have 141 last time I checked which was 5 minutes ago. Now it's 145. It says I'm "smoking hot." But I have no idea why I'm getting so many views. Did someone say something about me and it attracted traffic to my profile? Fortunately that was not the case, it's because I'm new to the app and female facebook friends see me on their "dashboard" and click on it since I'm one of the first males to discover this among their fb friends.

Now, I heard about this app through a friend, who was extremely concerned. He got a female to log in and he saw he had an 8.9 rating, with all positive hashtags. He was rated negative for not doing the dishes. He was rated twice, so he assumed a couple of his exes must have rated him.

I asked a few girls to look at my profile and tell me what all the sections of this app are. Once a female logs in, she has a dashboard. She can see her male facebook friends and their ratings. The lowest I heard of so far was a 5.9. The highest was a 9.4. There is also a "dear dude" section where females ask other females questions that they would like to have a male opinion on. Since only females can view that stuff, dudes don't get to answer those questions. On my profile however, I have a "sex ed" section that allows me to see various questions and females' answers to that question, such as "what is a reasonable number for a girl and a guy?" I can click on that and see what percentage of women gave which answer; some of the answers for this question included "who cares" at 32% the most chosen answer, and "he and I should be each other's only 1" at 6%.

So the app is for advice, and guy rating, in a nutshell.

I am not concerned for myself, but I am concerned for males who have low ratings... yea maybe they deserved it, but it's provate information, not public. I am also not concerned because females aren't using this app to actually date guys, more just to gossip and have fun. I do not know however if females can view men who they are not facebook friends with. It seems as if most men are concerned so I feel it is important for me to share this information.

By the end of this post I have a total of 147 clicks to my profile. Note that these are not unique visitors, I think the same person can view your profile multiple times and the app will count it as a view.

So yea.

Update: I browsed through more of the sex ed questions. There certainly are some questions which I think could help males out on the lulu dudes section (it's the same thing but it's called lulu dude if you're a dude and you have limited access.)

One of the questions I liked was: "When it's a new guy, what do you most want to know about"
Most popular answer was "his relationship with his family" at 54%. "His ding dong" was at 9%. "His last girlfriend" was at 27%.
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Re: Girls are rating you, without your consent, via a new app called LULU
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i was made aware of this already and got some friends to give me good ratings hehe
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