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Lifting with No Regrets
« on: August 20, 2012, 03:22:13 pm »
AGE: 14



SLEEP SCHEDULE: 10:20 PM - 6:30 AM. It usually take me about 5 minutes to fall asleep, and I wake up pretty easily usually.

BODY TYPE: obviously skinny. May have a weaker lower back, since I can do way more pushups than pullups for example.

GOALS: Gain strength throughout my whole body (with noob gains being a factor here). I want mostly more speed and the strength to not be pushed around in the sports I play which i'll list below.

CURRENT ABILITY: Never really lifted before as i mentioned above, so I haven't accomplished much that i don't already have genetically. I'm not too slow, with from what i estimate a decent 100 yard dash (although not sure what exact time is).

INJURY HISTORY: None besides a slightly injured finger from jamming it by a basketball.

TRAINING HISTORY & ACHIEVEMENTS: I have large motivations to work hard. Usually, I won't go hard at something until I know enough to start it, and if I feel that it's fun, I'll push myself to become great.

CURRENT ACTIVITY LEVEL AND/OR TRAINING PROGRAM: I play basketball a few times a week and tennis too. Basketball is just playing with some friends of mine without too much activity. We're not running a lot usually as our gym is very small. For tennis, I'm a little bit more competitive, but I'm looking more towards lifting for basketball, not tennis.

BRIEF OVERVIEW OF CURRENT DIET: I don't eat terrible, but I know I can improve. I definitely eat like 4-5 servings of fruit and a serving or two of vegetables per day. I may have a cheat snack every once in a while or fast food when I'm in a hurry, but usually I'll try to eat as healthy as I can with snacks being semi-limited to fruits or milk. I typically eat around 50g of protein a day.

IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES: Basketball and tennis. School ends at 2:15 everyday, so I have time to fit in lifting three times a week or so. I go pretty intense with basketball on Sundays, so lifting would need to be optimized to work around this. Other than that, I am not doing much intense stuff atm.

If you need more information, please ask as I'll provide it.