Author Topic: Paleotard cross shitters have unfavorable changes to blood lipids  (Read 3058 times)

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It's an Honors thesis but I think it deserves to go here esp since i'm posting other studies.

I wonder if it's stress that caused triglycerides to go up. Perhaps the paleo/crossfit regimen caused an unfavorable increase in cortisol, or oxidative stress.

Increased oxidative stress is associated with increased triglycerides here:

will look more later.
"Performance during stretch-shortening cycle exercise is influenced by the visco-elastic properties of the muscle-tendon units. During stretching of an activated muscle, mechanical energy is absorbed in the tendon structures (tendon and aponeurosis) and this energy can subsequently be re-utilized if shortening of the muscle immediately follows the stretching. According to Biscotti (2000), 72% of the elastic energy restitution action comes from tendons, 28% - from contractile elements of muscles.