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Re: Violent Thoughts
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 01:20:57 pm »
Just replied with this to a friend of mine on FB, been thinking about it for a while:

Yup. I think there's something extremely important about being able to recognize your own actual thoughts & convictions, and also recognize "thoughts & behavior" that are the result of violent culture, violent society, violent domestic/foreign policy, tribalism, obsession with conflict - war - violence - sex - crime - murder - horror - gangs - mafia - serial killers - prison/prisoners - being the tough guy - never backing down - race etc.

I imagine most people don't recognize that there's more going on inside our heads. I mean, the best example is something like road rage: someone cuts you off, now what? Do you cut them back off? Do you follow them? Do you yell, give them the finger, cuss them out? Do you get out of your car and confront them? Do you shoot them, beat them with a baseball bat? And if you don't do any of those things, do you at least think about doing at least one of them? I think it's completely fine to actually think about doing any of those things, as weird as that sounds, but as long as we don't act on them (obviously) AND we recognize that this is the result of millions of people who carry out & spread the marching orders, knowingly or unknowingly, of figures who hijack society, who perpetuate conflict & division, in order to maintain power & wealth.

If more humans could simply start to recognize violent thoughts as, not simply their own thoughts, but as a manifestation of something sinister on an incredibly large scale, it'd probably help. So if someone simply said, how did I get this thought, in response to something like "I'm actually hoping for this hurricane to hit so that people will loot so I can shoot their good for nothing asses", or "i hope that kid does make a move so I can unload this clip into his punk ass & claim I feared for my life", or "i hope I do see some dude running at night with a shaved head so I can bash his racist brains in", or "if they acted like this back in the good old days, they'd be taken out on a stretcher folks".

TLDR: step 1 is recognizing the anger, and trying to figure out who put it there.. and this applies to everyone, liberal, conservative, white, black, gay, straight, male, female, etc.. Though, alot of this stuff does seem more heavily male dominant. That's actually something I think about alot lately. I mean, i'm personally able to identify my own thoughts, and separate out these toxic ones that some entity(ies) tried to drill in there. peace!

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Re: Violent Thoughts
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2017, 05:15:22 pm »
This is a very good post. Thoughts can be very tricky. Sometimes thoughts can seem scary but is just your consciousness exaggerating on things. However angry thoughts do tend to build up and that is when things might be a bit dangerous.

It's good to act out on angry thoughts right away, the right way. For example someone you work with did something that really upset you. You want to let that person know right away "Hey you just made fun of me and we don't even know each other very well, I don't like it when people do this...." is a great way of conflict resolution.

Rather than thinking "ok ok, we'll see...." Than one day close lining that person in the parking lot.

Also it depends on how mentally tough a person is. Some people don't get angry that easily. They shrug stuff off, certain things like disrespect, just don't piss them off. They are okay with let downs, etc.

But yeah culture and media plays a huge role in shaping people's personalities..... GTG brb.
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