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Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Cal Dietz
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:43:47 pm »
So this is the guy who came up with Triphasic Method, which is widely used by a ton of coaches and in my opinion a total game changer. He has both the theoretical knowledge and the application by working with lots of athletes. He has this youtube channel where he shares a lot of knowledge for free. His target audience is elite athletes but check it out and hopefully get something.

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I don't think anyone on the board is doing speed training at the moment but there's going to be a stream about speed training from some top quality coaches, Boo and Jonas Dodoo are the ones that I know are really top notch. I have heard of a few of the rest of them but it looks like a good mix. Definitely mark the date and time for this free stream.

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Assisted SVJ
« on: December 01, 2017, 09:33:13 pm »
“If you need to improve your (jump) velocity, squat jump is not fast enough, you need assisted jumps”

“30% faster lower limb extension compared to squat jump is very important in overspeed jump training”

So the concept for this is kind of the same as overspeed training for sprints. Pretty much with these you are doing an SVJ with less than your bodyweight. I think it's really important to address that part of the FV curve.

I did this with an ab wheel cart but they would work with pool wall pushoffs or just band assisted SVJ with the band attached to a pullup bar.

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Injury, Prehab, & Rehab talk for the brittlebros / WHOOP recovery device
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:05:47 pm »

Apparently this device wearable on the wrist tracks how well you recover after workouts and pretty much optimizes your training so you aren't over- or undertraining. Supposedly bad recovery also seriously affects shooting percentage in bball players.

Any people on the board struggle with posture difficulties? How much of an effect do you think postural problems have on athletic performance? Anyone have success with some particular approach to fixing these posture issues? I have pretty bad upper cross syndrome and slight APT+lower cross syndrome.  I try to do corrective stretching and strengthen the apropriate muscles but without too much luck.

When playing sports, my neck is one of the first things to tire and I have difficulty keeping my head up. Another issue that I think comes from forward head posture is I have to momentarily look down during my ME SVJ windup - I can't keep my head up to consistently look at the target for the entire jump.

I have had lots of minor back tweaks lifting (most common injury), and during interval sprints my back is usually the first thing to tire. I think this might be due to my posture loading up my back more. I have difficulty taking deep breaths during some movements - bounds, RDL's, sprints, which i attribute to tight abdominals making difficulties for my lungs to fully expand.

Article & Video Discussion / Hypoxic training
« on: September 25, 2016, 04:55:16 am »
There wasn't a thread for training with oxygen deprivation, so i figured I'd make one.

Check out this article:

The author reviews a lot of studies done on hypoxic training but most of the results are negligible. Most of them are short term studies and the author makes a point that the testing protocols are bad.

However the one study he highlights that went on for 8 weeks (still not that long) showed significant improvement in "endothelial growth factor", which he says:

the hypoxic group was producing more blood cells and better able to restore oxygen supply to tissues when blood circulation wasn't high enough for the body's demand.

What's interesting is that after 4 weeks the hypoxic group actually showed decline but then at 8 weeks a large improvement. You can see how a short term study might not accurately gauge the effectiveness of hypoxic training.

Recent meta-analysis indicates that high-intensity, short-term, and intermittent training is likely the most beneficial way to benefit from hypoxic training

Hey guys, I'm having some problems with my jump

Recent Journal entry:
"Measured my jump this morning, and I've narrowed down the problem - It's in my reactivity. My SVJ has decreased very little, if at all, since track started. However my RVJ has decreased by a good 6-8 inches (depending on the day). The difference between the two previously was 8-10 inches, and now it's 2-4 inches."

Track started about a month ago. This is my first time ever doing a sport for my school.

So, yeah, there's something wrong with my reactivity. My reflexes have actually improved since the beginning of track, so I don't think it's a 'slow reflexes' problem. On a reflex test I score consistently higher than before by about .015 s.

Today I measured my SVJ again - I jumped up to an inch higher than before. (PR.. whoo-hoo..). Then I measured my RVJ. There was no change in it. My highest SVJ today was actually an inch higher than my lower RVJ's. I began thinking that this was a serious problem. Then I decided to give it 5 more RVJ's to make sure. Strangely enough, I jumped an inch higher than all of my RVJ's in the last two weeks... for 4 of the 5 RVJ's I jumped today. Still, they were still about 5" off of my PR.

This strange development leads me to think there is something wrong with my mindset. On my recent jumps, I just don't feel "explosive". I feel like there's something pulling me down. I feel slow. On my last 5 jumps today, I didn't feel this way. This week during spring break I've been getting a lot of extra sleep, and I don't feel any better than usual. Could this be a result of track?? I have changed little else in my regime

My performance in the weight room this week (which is my spring break -I have replaced track with weight room workouts) Is equal or better in all areas to my performance prior to track. My workouts have been a little more frequent and I don't feel as tired as I did before

What does all this mean??
What should I do?


Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / FP's log
« on: March 20, 2013, 08:14:37 pm »
ALL BENCH logs are actually chest press until page 2

AGE: 17

HEIGHT: 6' 3"

WEIGHT: 168lbs

SLEEP SCHEDULE: 2-14 hours a day (average 6)

BODY TYPE: Tall, Lean, Light Muscle

GOALS: 40 Inch vert, 35 inch 1-foot vert, 20'+ Long Jump, 5'8"+ High Jump, sub-10.5 100m

CURRENT ABILITY: 31" vert (run, 2 feet), TBA??

INJURY HISTORY: currently okay, nothing major previously

TRAINING HISTORY & ACHIEVEMENTS: Loose Jump Manual training for over a year, 3rd week in for track


BRIEF OVERVIEW OF CURRENT DIET: Inconsistent - 100g+ protein per day

IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES: Track, Ultimate Frisbee

3/20/13 - Ran 6 150's today. Recovering from back and calf strains, so taking it easy going to the gym. Might go during weekend. First track meet EVER on Saturday (3/23/13)!
Event statistics to be announced!

Introduce Yourself / first post of many
« on: March 13, 2013, 08:33:58 pm »
Hey guys. I'm Max - 6'3", 165lbs, 17yrs old
My current peak vert (running, off of 2 legs) is at 34" (standing reach is 8'.5")

My goals that I wish to discuss in this forum mostly involve jumping.. I want to improve my pitiful 1-foot jump, Improve my balance, Improve my 2 foot jump, Improve my form for all sorts of lifting, and improve the amount of weight i'm lifting  ;D

About 2 weeks ago, my peak dropped 6 inches. This is because I started running track. Right now it's back to about 30.5", but only because I missed practice today (because of a dentist appointment) and got a small break. Track has caused a number of problems I will briefly address. First of all, I'm feeling calf pain for the first time. I went to the gym yesterday and could barely do a single sitting calf raise with half of my max. I don't know to0 much about injuries, but I think this is a strain. My calf area hurts when I stand on my toes and bend my knees. The second problem occurred a couple time after practice - my thighs swelled to the point that they touched when I walked. The last track-related problem is my vert drop :(

I have also had a back problem for about 3 weeks. It started when I used the lower back machine to lift a lot of weight. The very next workout, I could not even do 1 rep of half that weight. My back hurts when I round it, but it doesn't hurt very much when I do any sort of back stretch.

The last problem I would like to address is my squat. I lose my balance extremely easily when squatting weight as low as 150lbs. I have resorted to leg press, but would like to do squats. I will post a video of a squat when my back and calves feel better.

Any other information I should share?

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