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Updates! So that first MRI was not great. It was done with a only 1.5T machine at a small lab, and the radiologist who wrote the report on it diagnosed on a particularly blurry image. When i went to see the GP to get the report, she freaked me out made things were seem far worse than they actually were. But thankfully she had written a specialist referral and so I could finally see an expert, 3 months after injury, i'd finally get to see someone who knew about treating knee injuries. The GPs had just wasted my time with pointless scans and 'resting' which only made my leg muscles completely detrained and inhibited and ultimately did nothing to actually address the root of the problem. I wanted an MRI from day 1 but they simply would not do do one, it took a miracle to even get one in the first place (as i described earlier).

The ortho was looking at the MRI when i walked in and he said, yeah this isn't the best image, im not sure really sure I see what the radiologist had reported etc.  I explained how i hurt myself 3 months ago but i couldn't see him until now. He was annoyed that it took that long to do an MRI. 

He looked over my knee a bit and reassured me that i was going to be fine then finally said, we'll get you to do another MRI. At the hospital with a 3T machine. And the radio techs and radiologists were top notch at the hospital as opposed to the local lab near my place. This was what I was hoping for when i walked in to see him because to my eye, the image looked blurry too and i was hoping for a 3T MRI. But the catch was i had to wait 6 weeks till i saw the ortho again to get the MRI report. He thought PT would help me that's why he suggested 6 weeks. In the meantime he had told me to see a physiotherapist, to restore function to my leg muscles which had stopped firing (my quad pretty much disappeared), which i went to once and decided it wasn't going to be worthwhile. She had me do random weird exercises using the rope pulldown, that assume you're the typical sedentary person who needs 'core strength'.  I was especially disappointed because i was told she works with AFL athletes but i guess when you're dealing with young elite athletes, they must practically must heal themselves. All she needed to do was touch my abs to see i have no lack of ab development, it's not easy to stabilise heavy squats as a taller dude without a lot of core strength, the leverage just makes it impossible not to have impressive core development. Yes i had told her i had a history of heavy weight training. 

So 6 weeks later i would see the ortho again, i had taken NSAIDs since i first saw him at his advice, he said taking the NSAID and training would work better because it would let the body break the pain-muscle-inhibition cycle and allow me to gradually restore function to the muscles that had become dormant. It sounded good in theory but the problem was, my knee was still fucked up. So while his trick worked, the swelling in my knee went away significantly that it wasn't too dissimilar to my left knee , the pain remained at certain movements but i could start training again with some discomfort, eg at the bottom of a squat it hurt. Fully extending the leg with resistance hurt. So i stopped trying to rehab it, because i could tell the problem was just not going to be be fixed with exercise.

I walked into his office for the 2nd time and he was looking at the 2nd MRI. This is much better he said. I had reviewed it prior to seeing him and i could agree. The detail was amazing, jaw dropping. It picked up 3 bits of loose cartilage 3mm big, etc. He said do you want to continue with conservative treatment or do you want to do surgery? I blurted out surgery! He said i thought so. So 3 days later im getting the first surgery of my life. The whole thing took less than 9 minutes, they gave me a usb thumb drive of the whole thing. What i got was basically one of those cleanup surgeries NBA players get. A knee arthroscope. 2 days later i was off crutches, 3 days i was walking more or less with a normal gait. 2 weeks later i was off the NSAIDs and pain free doing exercises which previously hurt etc.

I've started rehabbing now .. but weirdly my leg muscles are not really responding to training. They wont activate properly .. when i do the leg extension machine, my R leg is half as strong as the L leg. it starts shaking uncontrollably even with light weight on the exercise. But at 4 weeks post, i can squat pain free now. I still haven't got full rom back though, but close to it. Apparently it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to restore normal function post .. something to do with synovial fluid taking that long to go back to normal.

tldr: things are on the up

Thanks guys. I just got the MRI back. Good news is i know what's wrong. Bad news is it sucks. It doesn't look like it's treatable or fixable in any way. When doc told me it hit me like a huge wave of sadness realising i've probably trained myself into this and i can't train myself out of it. Ive worn out the cartilage in my knee and the loose bits get stuck and cause the soreness, weakness, loss of stability ive been experiencing. It all adds up, amazing how a single can tell you so much. Not sure what i will do for health now .. i needed to do more cardio now i dont know if i can.

I havent been able to train since i stopped logging .. along the way while training for the comp, i had picked up a knee injury, right knee was swollen etc. im still not sure what it is, ive been resting it and havent trained on it and still hasn't healed. Possibly torn ligaments.. still not sure which but today i had an MRI done so hopefully i can get some sort of closure soon. Waiting for the results .. they said by weds next week. Before this i had an ultrasound and xray done which came out clean. I was told the mri could take an hour and i was surprised when 15 mins in the guy came into the room and said you're done. I asked him that was short? And he said you held still and didnt move. Im just the kind of guy who would brag about how long his MRI took  :personal-record:. Was v. peaceful lying there with the gentle droning of the MRI machine, i wish i had been there longer but oh well.

Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:30:35 am »
Klay has a torn ACL. Long road ahead for him and KD.

Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:58:54 am »
that ref ruined that ending for me. it wasnt like the warriors were going to do anything with so little time left on the clock and no timeout. he should never be allowed to ref another important game, there is a reason refs swallow the whistle at the close of games, it's to do with entertainment and not ruining hte fan experience! And secondly it bothered me because the score was better at 110-111 because the warriors were right there (steph had a 3pt attempt at winning the game), that's how the game should have officially closed, not with the stupid ref calling an inconsequential foul when Kawhi got the ball and scored anyways.

all im saying is if lebron went to the sixers, he'd be on his 7th finals appearance, 4th ring and the start of the next great NBA dynasty (i think warriors window has closed). do you think 76ers + lebron (- tobias) dont get past the raptors when it went to the last second of the 7th game? im not sure.

Nutrition & Supplementation / Re: 900 mg of Caffeine every other day?
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:54:46 am »
go a few weeks at 0mg, then add it back but stick to 100mg. You can do 200mg once a while for an extra boost but anything over 200mg is overkill. Im caffeine free for a couple of months now but even when i was doing daily training, 100mg worked fine. And by that i mean i could train at my normal level without needing any more despite taking it daily.

Basketball / Re: who would win 1 on 1 ? kawah or MJ
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:45:05 am »
It's good vs evil, i'll pick Kawhi.

Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« on: May 26, 2019, 01:00:23 am »

that dunk .. look how far he takes off from .. two leg, with giannis between the rim. ok this guy is on another level ...

Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« on: April 24, 2019, 01:18:04 am »
6 min to go and im like OKC got this, this game is over, 11 or 13 is too big a lead at this point. Next time i look at the score and blazers have somehow managed to get it within 3. Had to keep watching to see how it ends and it was spectaclular

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:05:46 am »
Idk compartment syndrome was just something i came across on youtube when searching about shin splints. And the reason i made the connection is b/c i was contemplating getting some calf compressions but i realised it wouldnt really help b/c simply pulling socks up mades it worse, which sounds like what compartment syndrome is like (compression of fascia). still, ive had this for a long time now. it started when i started running from memory. That seems to be the trigger, altho doing high volume squatting can also seem to induce it as well. Now it's just seemingly gotten worse.

It's manifesting itself in squats, my right leg just seems weaker now. Im favouring the left a lot during squats b/c the right just seems to not be able to handle the load. It probably doesnt help i do my jumping with planting right leg either, which puts a ton of stress on it. and sometimes i think maybe the problem is upstream b/c the entire right leg just seems weirdly tight/immobile .. like from glutes and adductors down .. prob just need some decent rest.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 15, 2019, 09:33:00 am »
Bodyweight(AM): 86kg (15 March)
Diet compliance: 37/37 days
Daily Squat: 148/148 days


 BS 3x120, 1x140 

 Shooting practice 

  • Right calf is bugged out. I need to figure out what's wrong with it, might be compartment syndrome b/c it seems to get worse if i pull my socks up.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:09:38 am »
Tried it out (salbutamol) today and im not sure it was a success. Literally saw a big white puff rise out at the top so im not sure if it even ended up going in my lungs lol. Felt feelings of anxiety and dread but that might be unrelated cos i was running late and trying to plan my Final Training Session. Literally made no progress on the lebron 8 dunk challenge, i actually went backwards but that was probably because my body just wasn't up to it today. Was having trouble just dunking without even the running. In the evening i went for a run with the vest and suprisingly my HR was sub 150 .. even though im just as heavy as last time i did this, and today i was going up hill as well. Maybe the wind was cancelling that out. Idk. Don't think the inhaler had any effect at this point since i took it in the morning (around 11am) and ran around 7pm. Weather was cool though, so that might be why my HR was lower  since most of my running was done in warm/hot conditions previously.

Not sure if i'll bother my doctor about getting a test unless im sure i will get a positive test, he'll just think im a hypochondriac or something and i dont wanna have to deal with that. Tbh i suspect i def am likely to have it b/c as long as i can remember my endurance has been awful. Even when i was very lean and light i still had the same issues. Was a weak swimmer. etc. It's been a feature of my life for so long, i just dont think anyone would have noticed, not my parents who probably never even heard of asthma and who else would have noticed or cared?

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:12:14 am »
Do you see the problem with that though? In a clinical setting i'm not going to exhibit any symptoms. You telling me if James Harden walked into his primary care physician office and said yo i need treatment he'd get it? Doc will take one look at you and say you're in good shape and healthy and you should get going.

you serious? how do you think doctors diagnose asthma? guessing?

also, the eye doctor example some anti-vaxxer logic. went to eye doctor, eyes changed from time to time per administered tests, stopped going to doctor, eyes stabilized per your own perception, ergo not going to doctor stabilizes eyes. of course! it makes perfect sense. or perhaps your eyes stabilized because that's what happens when people get older. or perhaps they have gotten worse but because it's happened gradually and only slightly over time you don't perceive it.

i swear antivaxxer is the new nazi germany in internet arguments? im aware that eyesight stabilises with age. However, both of my siblings continued to go the optometrist and kept getting hte numbers increased over time. I chose not to because the last time i was given a new script, i got a pair of glasses made and they were giving me headaches. I went back and returned them and ordered glasses online according to my old numbers and i was happy. Been happy since, eyesight is as good as i can remember it being. Yea if at any stage in those years i went to get checked i bet my numbers would be different. But if you keep changing them then you keep changing them. I'll stop short of calling it a scam but it surely is that in some sense.

Also we're talking about something OTC. It's not necessary to have a script to get an inhaler here. I also dont see everyone using one at the rec leagues, it's not conferring any advantage to the majority of folk. Only those who need it wil benefit. Knowing doctors like i do, mine would hear my n=1 experiment and listen to it intently b/c it gives valuable info for making an informed decision. Its exactly like a test except i'd be taking the initiative because we don't really prescribe tests under stressful exercise readily. Ive never had one done yet, doctors don't see the need. That's just the way it will go, you're healthy, you're fine, don't worry about it. Next. They don't have the time to fully investigate any one patient, they prob can't even tell you your name 5 minutes after you leave the room and they don't have a chart handy. It's a system that requires doing your own homework to get the maximum benefit.

I mentioned James Harden cos he's an example of an elite basketball player who has a known history of asthma. I bet if he was to go to a doc they'd say he's HEALTHY AF and as far as the doctor goes, that's good enough to call next. They're not interested in solving problems outside of actual pathologies for the most part.

Also have a read here you jackasses:

Effects of inhaled salbutamol in exercising non-asthmatic athletes

RESULTS Neither endurance time nor post-exercise bronchodilation were significantly different between the treatments. Metabolic parameters were affected by exercise but not by treatment.

CONCLUSIONS Inhaled salbutamol, even in a high dose, did not have a significant effect on endurance performance in non-asthmatic athletes, although the bronchodilating effect of the drug at the beginning of exercise may have improved respiratory adaptation. Our results do not preclude an ergogenic effect of β2 agonists given by other routes or for a longer period.

it literally only works for ppl with asthma and (see article below) not in a performance sense. simple test proposed here seems to have triggered your kneejerk reflex Anti PED response .. check your assumptions..

Inhaled salbutamol does not affect athletic performance in asthmatic and non-asthmatic cyclists.

The inhalation of salbutamol induced a significant increase in resting lung function in EVH+ and EVH- athletes but this improvement in lung function did not translate to improved exercise performance. Salbutamol had no discernible effect on key ventilatory and exercise parameters regardless of EVH challenge outcome.

So it doesn't even improve performance in asthmatic athletes.. so much for all this beat up

To add to this i have a team mate who used to be treated for asthma when he was younger. He's now pretty fit and doesn't use any medication. But there is got to be a mechanism there for the treatment helping ppl overcome this long term. So the way LBBS has called it 'short-term' might not be the case. I've read James Harden used to use the inhaler during college games, but i dont remember hearing about it after he got into the NBA. there may be a mechanism there where ppl gradually adapt to better (read normal) lung function over time.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:27:09 am »
None of us have any idea about any of this. Im willing to investigate though.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:45:33 am »
Do you see the problem with that though? In a clinical setting i'm not going to exhibit any symptoms. You telling me if James Harden walked into his primary care physician office and said yo i need treatment he'd get it? Doc will take one look at you and say you're in good shape and healthy and you should get going.

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