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Football / Re: 2020-2021 NFL Season
« on: January 25, 2021, 02:00:16 pm »
i'm torn between wanting brady to win so that patriots fans are sad, and wanting KC to win because mahomes rules.

- run 1:58, 20.6 km
below freezing when i left the house but did okay. no bike-along today so i was able to keep it pretty slow. very happy that i made myself go instead of using the temperature as an excuse.

- stretch

- run 54:28, 10.58 km
had to drag myself out the door. prioritized easy breathing and consequently was quite slow.

- stretch

felt weird yesterday, no run. still felt off through the early afternoon but well enough by the end of work to drag myself out the door. this week is going to end up turning into a little deload, which is fine after three straight >50 weeks. plan will be to shoot closer to 60 km/5 hours of total running starting next week.

- run 47:48, 10.08 km
extra day of rest plus perfect conditions (upper 40s and minimal wind) meant cruising speed was a little quick.

- stretch

- warm up x 2 km; race pace intervals 1 km x [3:49, 3:42, 3:47, 3:41] w/1 km easy run rest; cool down x 2 km
good stuff, the first interval was a second slow but all others under my target of 3:48. final one ended with 200m twisting and turning uphill but finished strong. pure out-and-back so no cheating with extra downhill on the intervals.

- stretch

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: January 16, 2021, 03:00:12 pm »
idk i never pay attention to heart rate. how confident are you in the accuracy of the watch, anyway? iirc they're not nearly as accurate as a chest monitor. and how confident are you that your max HR is 182?

if you're really worried there's something wrong with your heart then i'd see a doctor. otherwise, i wouldn't sweat it if i were you. if the slow run "felt" relaxed and your breathing was easy then it was probably okay. i've written this on my own journal but i tend to set pace by steps per breath. my default pace for a 50 min-1 hour run is 4-5 steps for every in breath and every out breath. that corresponds to 4:50-5:00 per km depending on the day and route. can speak in complete sentences but have to take breaks between sentences. sunday long runs i should be able to speak in complete paragraphs unless i'm going up a steep hill. that corresponds to 5:40-5:50 per km. (tbh the slow runs "should" be slower but they take so little out of me and it'd be hard to go slower and still have my parents bike along, so whatever.)

if the high-HR sections early in that run felt hard, then i think you did the right thing by mixing in walking. sometimes your body is raring to go and sometimes it's fatigued. that's my $0.02: just focus on feel/LOE and stay consistent.

- run 52:55, 10.58 km
excellent pacing, lost a little time on the big hill in the middle of this route but otherwise very steady around the 5:00 average. breathing five-in-five-out except at the end of long or steep hills, when i let it go to four-in-four-out.

- stretch

EDIT: calves were weirdly tight for a while post-run. still a bit tight now ~4 hours later. i did some extra stretching.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: January 12, 2021, 06:57:04 pm »
strong negative splits are a good sign, too, means you have more in you right now i think.

managed to wake up at 7 this morning, which is good, but it was sub-freezing out so i didn't go for a run before work. that is eventually the idea, but running when it's that cold just sucks. did some push ups and pull ups but elbow was bugging so cut it off.

EDIT: evening

- run 1:03, 13.01 km
nice, did a new loop not knowing exactly how long it is and it's 13k on the nose. perfect.

- stretch

- run 1:55:32, 20.46 km
glorious day, dad came along on the bike.

- stretch


- push up x 25,25
- pull up x 10,9


- run x 4km; tempo x 3 km (4:13, 4:21, 4:12); run 2.8 km
~4:15 average for 3k is a little slower than target lactate threshold pace but (1) this was impromptu and i had no real sense of target, just thought "hey why don't i run hard for 3k today?" (2) the middle km was all uphill and (3) i ran 12 miles yesterday. oh yes and (4) target pace is based on my goal time, not any recent fitness test. was tired and breathing hard at the end but not spent, didn't have to rest before transitioning back to normal-ish running pace. will be more deliberate next time.

EDIT: also that's two straight weeks over 50 km despite only running four days each week. this is good. 2021 off to positive start.

- run 1:51:35, 19.89 km
beautiful afternoon, mom came along on the bike.

- stretch

this is, on top of everything else, the third anniversary of my little brother's death. RIP jack, 1991-2018.

distracted by the coup attempt, did not make it out for a run. we've got a zoom with my brother and his gf soon to commemorate the third anniversary of our little brother's death so i'm out of time.

fuck fascists, fuck the police, fuck trump, fuck the GOP, and fuck any democrat who sincerely uses the phrase "reach across the aisle" or "move forward together".

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: New year new me
« on: January 06, 2021, 03:10:58 pm »

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