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Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« Reply #1065 on: September 05, 2018, 02:05:17 pm »
True about sprints too, the (physics :D ) model i used to come to a different conclusion was this : He said all out sprints so what i had in mind was full recovery, so i gave 3 minutes for each repetition, for a total of 30 minutes of ME HIIT. I would expect that to be more around 500kcals plus the after-burn effect and the extra muscle growth simulation. So, although we are still in very small numbers to change one's physique in 1 month, i would expect the specific HIIT option to be more effective.

10 x 80m with 3' recovery wouldn't really be HIIT IMHO.. that seems like it's just a sprint session. I doubt that would come anywhere close to burning as much kcal as 30 minutes of non stop running.

80m on, 30-45s off, for 30 minutes total would be more HIIT-ish to me. I can see that burning as much or more than continuous running for 30 minutes.

my 2cents.



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Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« Reply #1066 on: September 06, 2018, 01:21:54 am »
i remember lyle mcdonald years ago saying that kcal burned during movement activities tracks roughly with distance covered. walking 6 miles burns about the same number of calories as running 6 miles, you just do it much more slowly. similarly 10x80 would burn about the same number of kcal as an 800; if you add walking intervals to that then increase the distance accordingly.

the post-exercise kcal expenditure boost ain't much, either, in the scheme of things.

also adarq's right, 10x80 with 3 minute recovery isn't HIIT. that's closer to speed training.
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Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« Reply #1067 on: September 06, 2018, 04:24:07 am »
Aha, very interesting/enlightening both. That distance-based theory is awesome, my.... calculation base was [time+HR]. Like run 15 seconds 100%, build up to idk 170+bpm HR , then walk around resting 3 mins, HR is still around 120 so supposedly still burning, then repeat that for 30 minutes, so i would expect it to be >>> 30 minutes LISS. True about HIIT & rest too of course, just wanted a quick word reference to that thing.


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Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« Reply #1068 on: September 09, 2018, 10:56:16 pm »
180909 Ran a 3km race with avg pace 5:13

Did it with my 6 yrs old, placed 3rd against the boy in a (7-8 yrs old) race.
She will be officially 7 in November.

My ankle is having pain at the tibiocal caneal ligament  (yeah took me a while to find that name).  So I slip in those arch insole for the event.
Wa la, pain is gone... and after 5km, WA LA two gigantic blister appear lol.

We target to this is what happen.
1. Blast off the start to get first position.
2. At about 500m mark, got over take and placed 2nd.
3. Trying to hang close but could not keep up.
4. At 1.5km, got over take again and placed 3rd.   I felt my girl is tired, and I am also, so no instruction was given to give a fight.
5. Could not hang close again and got pulling away slowly.
6. With 800m left, 4th attacked from behind.  We try our best to run and kept 3rd.
7. At final 400m, suppose to DASH, but I am too weak and tired and did not give instruction.
8. Dash appear in the last 40meters, and lost to 2nd place by 8sec.

Pace Summary:
0-1km at 4:59
2-2km at 5:27
3-3km at 5:13

total time at 15:10.  (Faster than last yr by 20 sec.)

My ankle still having issue.
no jump training...
next week 1km race with her.
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