Author Topic: Hip Hinge mechanics  (Read 3389 times)

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Hip Hinge mechanics
« on: March 26, 2023, 09:04:55 pm »

So this guy (Neil Haliman, not the guest speaker) is one of the more well known people with a PRI certificate that makes cool videos about it. I thought this discussion was pretty cool, and the exercise that is displayed had a really profound effect on my mechanics. Apparently, normally my low back and hips have a significant degree of movement with my femurs during jogging, sprinting, jumping etc and even the deadlift.

Doing a variant of this exercise off of blocks, I was able to keep the hips and spine entirely stable, hinging as a whole unit along with the upper body (basically an RDL, but it feels different for me). I just noodled around with it and found that my femur hyperextension RoM increased during gait. I'm not sure how sustainable these sorts of mechanics are with my PCL tear, I find myself gravitating back towards the old pattern (maybe also because of how much more development went into that pattern).

One thing the guest speaker says: people who have altered mechanics different from the kind he is explaining can't get the upper body to "stack", an optimized sprinting position. I think he also makes a point about better CoD mechanics. Really need to rewatch it and take some notes.