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Title: The T0ddday Method
Post by: adarqui on May 27, 2016, 09:36:36 pm
people always end up asking what is this "T0ddday method". Deserves it's own thread + sticky.

from what I recall, T0ddday & LBSS worked together on this technique. Then LBSS named it after him. (correction?)

From something LBSS posted:

1. do a standing jump.
2. walk back and do a one-step jump. if it's higher than your SVJ, then proceed to 3. if not, continue doing one-step jumps, messing with your approach, trying different amounts of knee bend, different distances, etc., until one-step is higher than SVJ.
3. walk back a little farther and do a two-step jump. if this is higher than your one-step, proceed to 4. if not, repeat the second part of 2.
4. walk back a little farther and do a three-step jump. proceed as above.
5. etc., until the extra step no longer gets you any higher.

you are not allowed to add a step until that step consistently gives you more height over previous steps. this isn't that specific to basketball, because it grooves a very specific pattern. but if you're just trying to dunk anything at all under perfect circumstances (join the club!), then it's a good method.

if there's some more detailed posts, or something that deserves to be in this OP, let me know and i'll update.

Title: Re: The T0ddday Method
Post by: Dreyth on May 28, 2016, 01:08:39 am
I think this will be very useful in getting me used to planting RLR since i do LRR right now.
Title: Re: The T0ddday Method
Post by: LBSS on May 28, 2016, 09:49:37 am
your history is correct, T0ddday explained it to me when we were working out a couple years ago and i wrote it up for the forum and named it after him.
Title: Re: The T0ddday Method
Post by: adarqui on October 25, 2017, 06:06:48 am
Just an example from LBSS in another thread:

basically you want to practice at the number of steps right beyond the number that gives you the highest jump, until the additional step is adding height. so if you get 33" off a two-step approach but 32" off a three-step approach, it's time to practice the three-step approach until each step is adding power and you're hitting 34"+. then and only then can you add a fourth step. i never went beyond a four-step approach, except when goofing around. fifth step didn't help. YMMV.
Title: Re: The T0ddday Method
Post by: seifullaah73 on April 05, 2018, 01:40:08 pm
Everyday I practice my sprint starts and this gave me an idea that the toddday method can be transferrable to sprinting and the acceleration and drive phase.

When I practice my sprint starts, what I basically do is get into my stance and just explode out 1 step, trying explode as far as I can and I was thinking that to progress from this is to explode out and push from the first step out to the second step.

Then I can just keep progressing up until around 4 - 5 steps. This can help transfer power from step to step.

Just an idea I had and it seems reasonable. Just my 2 cents.