Author Topic: Conventional DL vs. Romnian DL  (Read 2161 times)

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Conventional DL vs. Romnian DL
« on: October 22, 2011, 06:58:59 pm »
Can someone explain the difference/purpose of these? I've tried watching videos on YouTube and I see some small differences, but I tend to trust random YT videos very little.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Conventional DL vs. Romnian DL
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2011, 09:25:12 pm »
  RDL starts at the top, and goes down then up.  DL starts from the ground and then goes up.  The deadlift involves a "push" aspect bringing in the quads as well that is not present in a proper rdl.  The rdl is also usually performed with slightly less range of motion, though it can vary.