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Title: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: horton on July 23, 2011, 03:23:08 pm

I was wondering what direct effect hang cleans have on a persons vertical. In other words, how can they make you jump higher? I have a high vertical right now and can dunk easily. But I'm looking to become more explosive when going up with the ball. I lose about 2-3 inches when I dribble up to the rim with the ball. Being able to become more explosive with the ball in my hands will help my game tremendously and with a couple more inches I'll be able to dunk with two hands with ease off the dribble.

Do you think adding hang cleans to my training would help with jumping higher with the ball in my hands?
Title: Re: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: LanceSTS on July 23, 2011, 06:17:52 pm
 Hang power cleans, and hang power snatches are both really jump specific in that you have to move the bar a set distance with a JUMP.  The more weight you are able to jump over that distance and successfully complete the lift, the more powerful you become in that event. 

 There are benefits to catching the weight as well in a quarter squat position, not allowing the body to descend lower and rapidly decelerating an outside force + the body weight coming down.  This is assuming these lifts are done correctly and caught in a solid stance as well, the best stance to receive the bar in is very close to the stance you would perform a svj out of.  If they legs are splayed out wide these benefits in the catch will be negated or lost completely.

 If you were just going to add one of the power versions of the olympic lifts to your training, I would definitely go with the jump snatch.  Its literally a vertical jump with the bar in your hands, but the bar must be jumped a much further distance than it would during a power clean, putting closer to the speed end of the strength - speed continuum.   If you are progressively moving up the weights you are jump snatching, your vertical jump will follow accordingly. 

 The thing about jumping with the ball is, hardly anyone jumping off of two legs doesnt jump lower with it, palming makes it easier, but the best way to be able to dunk with the ball in hand and be able to use it in game situations is simply to improve your vertical jump some more imo.  Kelly wrote a good article about jumping with the ball recently on his site, it covers a lot of other points on this as well. 

  good luck man, pc.
Title: Re: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: vag on January 13, 2012, 05:14:13 am
What about hang power cleans vs full power cleans , still under a power/vert-specific point of view?
Title: Re: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: LanceSTS on January 13, 2012, 07:45:31 am
  It depends vag, there is never really a "need" to learn a power clean from the floor if jumping is what you are targeting.  The first pull is just getting the bar into place for the more explosive second pull, which along with the catch, is what you are after in the exercise to begin with.  It really depends on the athlete and which one they are better at.  Its easier for a lot of guys to learn to "jump" the bar up using the hang position, in a short period of time.  Starting from the floor, youre going to see lots of jerking the bar up without getting to the positions and joint angles you want, to put them in the actual jumping position.

  You also have the option of dipping down to load the legs from the hang, that you dont get with the floor versions.  There is still a double knee bend if done correctly from the floor, but its not in the same vertical/downward vector, and is still a different movement pattern.  Both are good exercises, but a power clean from the floor is more specific to olympic lifting than it is to jumping, starting from the floor is a rule for them. 

  As long as you are jumping (explosive strength) and catching (reactive strength), a WEIGHT, a set and constant distance, any differences will be minimal.  Both are good exercises, just have to factor in what youre trying to accomplish and what the athlete is doing the exercise for in the first place.
Title: Re: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: Raptor on January 13, 2012, 08:10:58 am
I think the hang variation is better for jumpers as there is a better eccentric emphasis on the dip and jump, pretty much what happens in a SVJ especially with a ball in hand (bar in this situation).
Title: Re: Hang clean question for Lance
Post by: vag on January 13, 2012, 09:27:13 am
Thanks , i will stick to the HP cleans that i am already doing then...