Author Topic: proper way to lean down/diet/lose weight  (Read 6111 times)

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Re: proper way to lean down/diet/lose weight
« Reply #30 on: May 02, 2011, 06:43:11 am »
if i was you i'd keep the same cal intake but make them better/cleaner calories initially then it that doesn't work then start to drop them slowly


it = if

He means, he should try to get his calories from cleaner sources (and lose fat through hormonal manipulation) and if that doesn't work then start to eat less and less calories.

Hormonal manipulation is pretty marginal man. I doubt anyone here is eating so bad there hormonal balance would be shot from it.

Most people who lose weight by eating "right" are actually taking in less calories unintentionally. Like by eating heaps of lean protein and good dietary fat you end up so satisfied by smaller amounts of food that over eating takes a conscious effort. Try and take in a 1000 calorie surplus based on lean meat and veggies  :'(

Keeping carbs low is sensible in a calorie deficit so your body uses fat preferentially for fuel. If you're using carbs as a primary source your body will turn to protein breakdown (to glucose) when the carbs dry up... as they will on a cut.

Keeping carbs low at maintenance or in calorie surplus is sensible to avoid insulin spikes when excess energy is present, possibly leading to fat storage. Exception being maybe around a heavy lifting sesh when you're primed to use that stuff for good growth.

That advice of clean up and then drop intake if need be is solid  8)