Author Topic: Maxim on youtube  (Read 9146 times)

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Re: Maxim on youtube
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2010, 08:48:58 pm »
Strong post. The one from Florida is the hottest, too.

Adarq, next level-7 challenge: Go find her in a club or on the beach or something. Make sure she's with her boyfriend, who is assuredly some huge and jacked Cuban dude. Run up to her, give her a big kiss on the mouth, tell her boyfriend he's a bitch and yell, "OLE!" as loud as you can. Then peace the fuck out, chased by the boyfriend, until you lose him. Continue straight to a basketball court. Steal someone's ball. Backboard self-lob will follow for sure.

dude if she saw me dunking she'd be mine instantly.. btw yes she's the hottest by far, i'm going to post still pics of her later she's ridiculous, clear winner.