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Re: Pests: Whitefly
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2020, 01:03:11 am »
I've had a major problem with whitefly. I think I "imported it" via some tainted plants I bought, months back.

Something important I just realized.

First thing:

I used to have all of my mature pepper plants on the North side of this house. North side has no grass or trees. It's a concrete step pathway leading to the back yard. So, it gets very hot AND doesn't have as much natural "wild life".

Eventually I got a major infestation of whitefly there. I tried organic pesticide twice. It helped slightly, then they were back.

Due to the heat, I moved the plants to the South side of the house. There's tons of grass there, and an enormous tree. To my surprise, the whitefly problem improved considerably. I figured it might be due to there being more predators (spiders, lizards, ants, etc) - which seems to be the case.

So today I was checking on my seedlings in the porch:

1. Afternoon (3 PM): looked under the leaves: TONS of whitefly. They scattered all over the place. Really pissed me off, those things are on my porch attacking the more vulnerable seedling plants.

2. Evening (12 AM): I look under the leaves again (with my headlamp).. I see tons of whitefly, apparently just "sleeping". They were in "pause mode". So I started turning over every leaf, crushing them. So i probably killed 50 or so.. But then that got me thinking, what's it look like where the mature pepper plants are?

3. I then go check the mature plants w/ my headlamp.. I start carefully turning over leaves.. I don't see much whitefly. BUT, the whitefly I do see, are caught in spider webs. I also then see ants, lady bugs, spiders etc.

Ok so this is the epiphany: those whitefly "go to sleep" at night, and just get destroyed in the more "natural side" of the house. They are sitting ducks. Spiders, ants, lady bugs, lizards, whatever, just do some pest control work for me.

That's it.. the time to address that problem is at night. If I spray, i'll spray at night.. Maybe even releasing lady bugs (nocturnal feeders) at night would also help etc.

Makes me think I might be able to get them under control now.