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muscle spasms and cramps
« on: November 20, 2012, 12:15:21 am »
I was doing seated calf raises and all of a sudden my right calf freezes and something is pulling it and there is some pain (for some they would classify this as extreme pain.  I have high threshold for pain though). 

I look at it and my calf muscles are literally moving like it's jello, as if there is something inside my calf wiggling.  I could not continue.  AFter few min, it got better but it was very sore and would hurt just extending it.

The next day, it was still sore after I tried running and play bball on it.  I tried squatting and it didn't really effect calf muscle but this time during the middle of my squat, the tip of my quad muscle began to spazz out / cramp up.  Good thing was I managed to rack the weights or else I would have been in bad shape freezing up in the middle of my squat.

So what is going on?  I usually warm up but that doesn't matter, because I seem to cramp up towards the END of my work outs and I used to cramp up like this towards the END of bball games.  Could it be creatine? (heard that creatine doesn't cause cramps)  dehydration? i drink tons of fluid.
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