Author Topic: The average american woman weighs 166 lb.  (Read 5451 times)

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Re: The average american woman weighs 166 lb.
« Reply #15 on: July 06, 2016, 09:48:20 pm »
da hell you gonna be all skinny and sexy when you were single, but not look your best for your man?!



Women are just idiots. Proven to me again and again and again and.... you get the idea... waaaaaaaaaay too many times.

Prisons are full of males.  Wars are started by males.  If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the US it will be because of the male vote and not the female vote.  Women do better with less opportunity and face a hostile work environment and discrimination in what was a male dominated workforce...

And since the topic is about being overweight... Men in America on average have a bmi of almost 30 and bodyfat above 20%...  They are on average fatter than women despite far less predisposition to store fat, and no biological excuse to need to gain weight (childbirth)... 

Id say the evidence is pretty strong that the average guy is far stupider than the average women...  If women are idiots.... I don't know what the hell men are!

Where are you getting your sources about the average man in America having a BMI of approximately 30 and being 20%+ bodyfat?

For the average sedentary male if they have a BMI of 30 they are going to be a lot closer to 30%+ bodyfat then they are to 20%.

Edit-I found a source comparing the average Australian man to the average American man.

"Rather, he stands at 175.6 centimetres tall and weighs in at 85.9 kilograms. This gives Jack a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 putting him squarely in the middle of the overweight category and a few kgs shy of the medically defined obesity range.
Jack is shorter, but slightly leaner than Todd though - the average American man, whose BMI is 29, one below obese and who is 176.4".

Your bmi estimate is 29 mine was 30 so I think our sources are pretty similar... It varies somewhat based on age and bodyfat really is hard to get a handle on...

I threw in the bodyfat number because for our little physiology lab I remember the average for males being 20 something...  Good correction though, I could be wrong - I did make the cardinal sin of mixing sources.  The BMI of 30 is from demographic data from all of America while the bodyfat data is what I recall seeing as the male average at the USC lab...

However I could go all Raptor on you and say that I said 20+ and your are saying it's closer to 30 BUT 30 IS 20+!

Lol.  Seriously I'm not too sure about bodyfat data - it's much harder to calculate than bmi...  If the average American has bmi 30 and the majority of those have bmi 30 and BF of 30 there are those whole are bmi 30 and BF 10 (like myself) so the BF would get pulled down slightly by athletes where bmi would not...

I looked at the BF calculator link you use and I think it does rely on waist measurement far too much.... I mean waist size is a combination of fat, bone structure, and oblique and abdominal musculature...  I would take those measurements with a large grain of salt... Calculator doesn't seem to give me good scores at least lol.  My leanest was 188 with a ~32 inch waist (BF 5%) while I was close to 10% at 206 and waist size ~33.  I think your bodyfat calculator gives me lower BF for the second data... Sure I only gained an inch of waist while gaining 18lbs but some of that is muscle and a lot is fat I just don't store on my waist...