Author Topic: We got Protein, Satiety, and Insulin Wrong!  (Read 32009 times)

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We got Protein, Satiety, and Insulin Wrong!
« on: October 26, 2022, 02:45:10 pm »
Some ear opening concepts here  :o

0:45 Stay tuned for the follow-up video
2:33 New textbook on Therapeutic Carb Restriction being published
6:06 How Dr. Cywes got started getting with low carb
13:01 Two different expressions of Insulin Resistance
18:50 What if fuel storage has nothing to do with athletic performance?
21:35 Central Governor Reflex Theory
24:38 Being ketogenic as the base with the ability to use carbs if needed
28:23 Brain adaptation is more important than metabolic adaptation
32:05 Exercise when glucagon is high in between meals
35:09 There is a limit on protein intake
38:26 GLP1 and insulin
42:38 Raw milk is great for growth goals
46:32 How much protein do you need?
54:54 Less focus on macros and more focus on whole food
58:25 Protein intake in relation to insulin and exercise
1:00:25 A1c on Carnivore
1:03:12 Exercise brings everything together

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