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mo plates mo problems
« on: July 26, 2013, 02:51:19 pm »
Was progressing nicely my front squat top set triple like this -

Jul 3rd - 3x105 kg  -- bar + 4x20 + 2x2.5kg
Jul 8th - 3x112.5kg  -- bar  + 4x20kg + 2x5kg + 2x1.25kg
Jul 10th - 3x115kg -- bar + 4x20kg + 2x5kg + 2x2.5kg
Jul 12th - 3x117.5kg -- bar + 4x20kg + 2x5kg + 2x2.5kg + 2x1.25kg
Jul 15th - 3x119.5kg -- bar + 4x20kg + 2x5kg + 2x2.5kg + 2x1.25kg + 2x1kg
Jul 17th  - 2x121kg -- bar + 4x20kg + 2x10kg + 2x1/2kg <- missed triple
Jun 19th - 2x120kg -- bar +  4x20kg + 2x10kg  <- missed triple
Jun 24th -  2x120kg -- bar +  4x20kg + 2x10kg  <- missed triple
Jun 26th - 3x120.5kg -- bar + 4x20kg + 2x5kg + 2x2.5kg + 2x1.25kg + 3x1kg  (PR)
Today i finally got a 3 triple after being stuck for half of the month :( Notice that's exactly 1kg more than my Jun 15th PR of 3x119.5kg. I know for a fact that if today i had put 120kg on the bar like on the 24th - i would have FAILED IT - but somehow with more plates I got the set and rather 1/2kg more than 120kg.

The reason im making this thread though. I think if I had just kept adding 2kg a pop without changing to 2x10kg plates on the 17th, i would have kept setting PRs. I would probably have a 3x125kg pr or more by now instead of just scrapping by 3x120.5kg. I stalled ONLY because of changing over to 10kg plates on the 17th.
 Something about taking all those small plates off and adding a bigger plate makes the exercise so much harder. I don't think it's a mental thing. is it just harder in general to squat less plates than more plates (if the weight is the same for both)? Any way to deal with this because i always seem to get stuck around when i go from lots of small plates to just 1 bigger plate.

This is incredibly frustrating to me. I am going to run into the same issue next week on backsquats when my 6 rep worksets cross from 118kg to 120kg. Ideas welcome..
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Re: mo plates mo problems
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2013, 02:59:05 pm »
I think i had a similar issue, i was always just adding 10kg plates until i reach 50-60kg
now i replace 10kg with 20kg and then add 10kg after and it seems way heavier or its just me and i am not strong enough to squat 60kg and all that stuff.
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