Author Topic: People using power racks for..... why?  (Read 546 times)

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People using power racks for..... why?
« on: August 19, 2017, 09:03:10 pm »
Today 2 people got in the power racks before I could to:

1.) bicep curls for 40 minutes

2.) shoulder press for 10 min.

They clearly see me walking with 315 on my back full paused squatting it ATG.....

smh, shameless people.....  theres like 4 other racks they can curl/press on....

There's been an influx of not courteous people lately.

Other day I'm in the middle of squatting and some guy just comes in changes the weights and starts squatting..... I say you want to squat in between, he says I'll be done in like 10 minutes..... I say okay..... and wait with my stuff already there..... than he proceeds to tell me how he's getting old now (he looked like he was between 30-38) and how tough this is..... squatting 135..... when I had 265 on there already.... the guys like a retard in a normal person's body i think.... there was 4 other racks available and he was doing 1/3 squats......
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