Author Topic: 34" & climbing! Progress!  (Read 1140 times)

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34" & climbing! Progress!
« on: December 09, 2012, 06:28:23 pm »
My RVJ is @ 34" right now & climbing......I retest this week after a whole month of bangin shit out! Last week I did 245x3 on my last set of squats & today I did 255x5! A month ago I was only doing 225x5 on my las set, so I've gained 30lbs on my squat in a month. I still don't know what my 1 rep max is because I haven't tested it, but I'm sure I could prolly get 270-275 or more 1 time. I only weigh 180 so if i can do 275 for 1 rep that will put me @ 1.5 times my bodyweight. I'm hoping to be @ 2 times my bodyweight soon! All my other lifts have came up @ least 10-15 or more. Haven't tested my vert in a month so I'm hoping I've gained @ least another 1" or so on my vert.....I started in August with a 29" RVJ. I'm still bangin out all my Heavy lifts & oly lifts.....squats, deads, cleans, etc., along with doing my plyo's b4 I lift. I've gained 5" so far doing my workout plan so it must be working!  I also timed myself when I did a rep with 225 & I did an up & down rep in 1.4 secs, I'm tryin to increase my weight & be able to do my reps as fast as possible so I can get really explosive! I'm gonna keep doing what I been doing until I start to plateau & then I'll think about changing it up, until then I'm gonna keep bangin & keep gaining, I'll be @ 40" soon! Thanks for the motivation guys & I'll keep y'all posted!

Age: 31
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Reach: 7'9
Vert: 34" (just for now)......:)


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Re: 34" & climbing! Progress!
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2012, 06:55:29 pm »
Is there an echo in here?