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« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 09:53:19 am »
Nice, i might watch it.

It's funny that they mention the federal reserve. One thing i found about them is that they are not a government organisation or any way attached to the United States.

They are a foreign organization, which controls the economy of the US and they also are the ones that claim the taxes, that also makes the laws of the country, which is discussed with the president of the united states or the government behind closed doors so no one suspects these bankers are behind it all.

very big topic, should look into the federal reserve, this is where the money ends where they say metaphorically, 'follow the money'.

The Alien matter is subject in its own, which i don't really know much about.

nice one.

Warm up drills
   - a walk, b skip quick powerful switch (heel to hams focus), a runs, dribbles small to big to run, straight leg to runs (force, reflex, go up/forward). force to hit the ground before it hits the ground knee/hip is at 90 degrees.
   - acceleration: low heel recovery, shin angle low, drive legs back before hitting the ground and drive thighs/knee forward not up
Measuring reminder:
5 toe to heel steps = 148cm

�Strength comes from the legs, Power comes from the torso and Speed comes from the arm.� � Al Vermeil
Arm also aids the legs in driving it down with power - seifullaah73

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