Author Topic: Nice vid - Cavuto interviews Million Student March Activist (Darlette Scruggs)  (Read 1173 times)

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Surprised this interview went on for so long.. Usually these interviews last a few minutes. There's alot of substance here.

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LOL good luck taxing the Rothschilds, they pretty much own Earth haha

Other than that though yeah, I'm sure you could at least erase student debt by decriminalizing people who are in prison for marijuana.  I saw a lot of different numbers but all of them were in the billions for what we pay each year and the average sentence is 3 years.

I can't math too well and idk how much it costs to keep a college going but I mean yeah considering, salaries, benefits, regulations, tenure, upkeep and whatever else but it could put a decent dent in it.

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