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oscar pistorius trial
« on: April 14, 2014, 10:33:44 am »
Hey guys

anyone keeping up with the oscar pistorius trial, I been reading the news until recently I decided to watch the video of the court trial. It's starting to appear that oscar is lying with his version of the story, he was on the witness stand and was questioned.

he says he is tired and makes mistake with answers to questions he is given, but decided it was not because he was tired as they would have to adjourn court until he is 100%

i would start from watching friday 11 session of the court, that is the interesting part, oscar gives his version and is questioned, it shows how stupid his story is, just one spoiler of his version, he said he heard a noise in the toilet, a window sliding open, which was louder than reeva waking up. he got his stumps and gun and went to reeva without looking at her and telling her to get down and call the cops he didn't look at her when he said, didn't check if she was awake, which he said she was, didn't see how she was whether scared or safe and went towards the danger even though the quicker route was the main door exit and he felt vulnerable when approaching danger and there are many more silly things.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

the whole thing is interesting as he is being questioned, but his account probably starts around 2:00:00 where they discuss evidence of jeans which he used to cover a annoying blue light with but heard a noise in the bathroom so dropped it and continues from there.
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