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Accessory day 5-27-14

Box squat (to a box 1-2" below parallel):

230 - 2 x 5
300 - 2 x 5

Spoto Press (paused bench pausing 2" above chest):

250 - 5 x 3
280 x 3

Seated military press:

140 x 12
210 x 10
230 x 6 (military press strength was a bit crappy today)

Rack pulls (from lowest pin)

230 x 5
320 x 5
370 x 5
410 x 5

Lat pull downs:

4 x 15

Chest supported row:

4 x 15

EZ barbell curls:

5 x 12

Core work:

150 reps

Solid day today, nutrition was slightly off due to today's schedule so basically I was running on a protein shake with half a cup of oats mixed in to get me through today. This typically never occurs however I made it work for myself.

Vid is the 280 x 3 on Spoto press

An interesting approach... I'm not sure I ever saw this anywhere else

It's definitely different from a typical "power lifter" doing double and triples anything over 5 reps is cardio approach lol! The point of rep day is volume the prescribed percent of the main movement for wave one is 70% for 8 reps (I usually opt for 2 to 3 sets, as opposed to the original template of just 1 set). Also the original template suggests doing 135 for 50 reps as a finisher for the workout (which I have done before) but there's such an lactic acid build up in your legs all you can do after racking the bar is just lay in the floor for a couple minutes haha! So for that I decided to tweak it to a much heavier weight and do a set a 20 as a finisher.

From my own experience in my squat training volume, and paused squats for a 2-3 count has been my bread and butter for finally breaking into a 500+ squat. Last training cycle was my first time implementing the paused squats, however the volume was 5 reps and under. This cycle for rep day I figured a set of 10 and a set of 6 would work well using percentages that wouldn't completely kill myself lol! The point of reverse band squats is to partially overload and help build explositivity out of the hole, the trick is not to use big bands here a lot of people choke heavy bands and get anywhere from 75lbs-100lbs+ of pop out of the hole to me this is ego lifting and actually compromises the true point of reverse band squat training! The setup I use usually gives no more than 25-35lbs of pop out of the hole which I what I would recommend. Another reason I use reverse band squats so much in my training is because it gives me confidence with handling heavier weights on my back, so anytime I'm using 85-90% of my training max it doesn't seem to feel as heavy on my back.

I'd like to start out by explaining my method of training, I currently use the percentages and waves recommended by a popular powerlifting method called the "Cube Method" it was created by a fellow Kentucky pro power lifter named Brandon Lilly. However each training cycle is custom made by myself to focus on weak points that I analyze by watching videos of myself lifting throughout each training cycle. there are 4 training days a week which include a repetition day, a speed day, a heavy day, and an accessory day.

My current schedule consists of:

day 1 : Rep Squat
day 2: Accessory Day (Weak point attack day, I choose 1 variation of each big 3 lift I'm weakest at and train it. rest is hammering bodyparts I feel needs worked.)
day 3: Speed Bench
day 4: Heavy Deadlift

Each week days 1,3, and 4 rotate forward! (for example week 2 would be heavy squat, rep bench, and speed deadlift)

I have had much success with this schedule, on average after each 9 week cycle I have added 40-50lbs to my total.

First day of the new training cycle!

Doing a full 9 week cycle, followed by a 4 week mini cycle (week 4 will be deload week) then the week after is the competition!

Rep Squat day:

Squat @70%

350 x 8
 370 x 8 (moderate casted knee rap)

Reverse band squat using light bands:

390 x 6

Paused squats @ approx 55% and 60% :

265 x 10 (2-3 second pause in the hole)

280 x 6 (2-3 second pause in the hole)

High rep squats (used knee wraps):

250 x 20 (no grind at all, smooth reps)


2 sets of 15yds

Core work:

200 reps

Cardio for the day!

10 minute circuit consisting of:

Farmers carries x 40yds
 Standing military press x 10 reps
 Barbell walks x 40yds
 Dips x 8-10 reps

Pretty much fried at this point. Paused squats build explosive strength out of the hole but holy crap my posterior chain has taken a beating! Feeling great about this training cycle and looking forward to September.

vid is 370 x 8

Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduce Myself
« on: May 26, 2014, 12:34:11 pm »

Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduce Myself
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:38:28 am »
Nice lifts man!

Do you have any idea what your standing vertical is? It would be pretty badass to see a big guy like you dunk and shed off that "powerlifters" aren't athletic trend.

Thanks man.

I haven't gotten an accurate measurement on my vertical in about 4 years, at that time I was around 32" off a standstill and 36" off a run and go (unilateral take-off). At 6'1" and 230lbs I was able to dunk pretty decently, I actually have a pretty decent success story to share with you all. In a nutshell 16 months ago I had ballooned up to 348lbs and was becoming unhealthy. That was mainly due to old eating habits coming back and doing zero cardio with my training, I knew I was committing to Beast Of The Bluegrass so I set two major goals, one being losing enough weight to compete in the 275's and the second total over 1,400 in my first meet. Very happy so say I nailed both of those goals as I weighed in at 266.4lbs and totaled 1,402lbs. Best part of the story is I'm much stronger at a sub 275lb BW than I was at 348lbs (in my mock meets that took place in my home gym I was only totaling 1,200ish at a SHW BW).

Even though I train as a power lifter, I think outside the fat guy in a multi-ply lifting suit lol! I try to follow the example set by Stan Efferding, Dan Green, along with a few other guys that it is possible to be lean and nail some major totals. Raw powerlifting is making a huge comeback now thankfully! And I'm a big believer in strength being purely functional for many other things outside just being good at 3 lifts. I love doing crossfit or some type of HIIT training post lifting to get myself into better shape and to date it hasn't effected my stats in the gym one bit, it actually makes my recovery time in between sets much quicker and is functional for other things too.

I plan on keeping a log over here, and hopefully I can get a measurement on my vertical within the next few days. As of now I can grab rim off a standstill (3-4" over) and running I can get my wrist at the rim from time to time.

Introduce Yourself / Introduce Myself
« on: May 26, 2014, 01:28:25 am »
Hello my name is Jason McKinney, I'm a 23 year old power lifter from Kentucky. I just recently competed at "The Beast Of The Bluegrass" where I placed first in my weight class and division. To date my competition lifts are a 507lb squat, a 363lb bench, and 532lb deadlift. I had an old username on the old school Terminal Vertical forum (bball08). For those who have a YouTube channel subscribe and follow my progress as I plan to compete in the 242's this September. I'll also try to get some jumping/dunking footage up as well. Thank you all!

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