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My todo list
« on: January 05, 2013, 10:30:46 am »
Possible restriction for 2013: Limit working on projects to a max two weeks in a row, that way I can get more stuff done.
- Each project should have one txt file per my source, ie: my_http.js & my_http.txt. The latter will contain brief function overview/api docs.

    - node/honey sniffer console
    = /home/root/admin/projects/nodesn

    - these are agents for my nodesn sniffer.
    - ability to turn on/off certain types of host based monitoring
    - real time process accounting, uptime etc.. graphed

   - nextgen irc server/client.. ability for channels to set certain modes like 'live typing', ability to embed collab drawing stuff into the chat, etc..

   - insanely granular firewall/router gui + backend

    - node whois module
    - must be able to relay/referrels etc
    - custom options/parse properly
    - rwhois support

    - node module
    - show bgp info from, ie,

node pcap mods
    - node pcap mods to support ipv6

    - nodejs port of darqbot, get the essentials: modules, separation, multiple forms of ui interaction (http/irc/console etc)
        - darqbot-server : handles raw connections, maintains/reconnects etc
        - darqbot-client : reconnects, handles modules/parsing/fun stuff
        - mods : ability to reload modules, or dynamically add
        - ability to restart darqbot-client without impacting darqbot-server

    - model a forum after SMF, use websockets/socketio
    - ability to maintain connection/receive updates
    - core/modular, get bare essentials

    - improved console.log module/function which has debugging levels & is integrated with nodejs's v8-profiler wrapper
    - ability to take snapshots between certain console.logx's etc
    - a global debug level which restricts debugging info to all levels underneath it.

noname yet
   - tools for recording terminal io and providing them on a webserver: replayable, live stream
   - nice thread:
   - nice example:

openvpn dynamic routing mods
    x Completed
    ? Need fix for max number of iroute's a client can have in the routing table: Limited to unsigned char (255) => Find this var, unsigned int it.

iptraf analyzer
 - concept code: pretty much complete
 - analyze flows/traffic on the server's network, put things in nice tables, dns ability, manual mode to parse iptraf/pcap files, some nice graphs, toptalkers, bandwdith monitor

01:29 <@DOR> hm nice idea
01:29 <@DOR> how about
01:29 <@DOR> a front end to editing files on a system
01:29 <@DOR> using my node web server/web client theme
01:29 <@DOR> u login as user
01:30 <@DOR> navigate system, make modifications to files/permissions/etc
01:30 <@DOR> everything gets revisioned automatically
01:30 <@DOR> in a db
01:30 <@DOR> so u can see who made what exact changes over the history of the box and roll back files to
                previous rivisions if ur admin
01:30 <@DOR> etc
01:30 <@DOR> kinda cool
01:31 <@DOR> so it'd be like a front end navigation gui with editor, permission changes/file tree
                delete/add/upload/find etc


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Re: My todo list
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2013, 02:47:23 am »
some new stuff:

take my tools modules out of nodesn and put them in their own project:
- geoip
- dns
- traceroute
- whois
- blacklists
- ip prefix
- binary/hex calc etc
- sci calculator
- ping
- service lookup by port/name
- isup
- bgp
- nmap (limited)
- create a site dedicated to this tool?
- central (run in all tools that are selected)
- log all queries etc to a file.. to keep track of people's usage
- ability to resolve/handle bulk requests.... textbox = textarea, people can paste in multiple hosts etc
- ignore internal, cache hosts to db

- cpu utilization
- process monitoring (top like)
- agent based (each agent reports back to the control server)
- use iui for the front end, mobile app style
- agents connect, get added to the main portal.. click an agent, goes to menu (cpu usage, process monitoring)
- need smart monitoring... if no users are connected, no need to report usage to the central server
- agents need auth, so do users.. guest/guest for demo

- the bandwidth monitor feature that i did in iptrafdjs...
- make it agent based
- use jqm or something
- auth for agents, no auth/optional auth for users
- only provide bandwidth data for in-view agents

old english translater from darqbot, js app
- moby, leet, shake

caption thing, picture thing

binary thing, js app
- bitvec

quote app
- can sign up to add quotes? or no.
- automated process to scour google for quotes?
- tags

- create tinyurl but it leads to something someone says, via text or via festival






iptables visualize

tweet tracker, phone app

lol this will be funny:

lan party mixtape
 lan party lan party

dont u, really want root
 dont dot slash me
 dont rm me

i dont see nothing wrronnnggGGgggg (with ur internet baby) - rkelly

started with an audit now we here - drake

it's a nice day for, a LAN party.. (white wedding song)


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Re: My todo list
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2013, 03:56:41 am »
got sidetracked with unix stuff.. having lots of fun with it.

mess with lfs/bfs... from scratch distro building.. then mod for in-mem/embedded os etc

rosetta code:
 - always want to do this but i just never get around to it
 - instead of just writing codes, i should write benchmarks, that will keep this interesting
 - benchmarks for various types of algorithms/io/cli-serv/arithmetic/network stuff etc..
 - golang, C, nodejs, python, haskell, ruby, intel asm
 - 8|
 - DEDICATED BOX: Use my ubuntu box to do this on.... maybe put some custom distro on it, micro.. need to remove interference from other daemons/services

node.js pipe library: i need something that can chain X number of pipe'd processes, unbuffered i/o etc.. i cant fig out a way to do this, looks like it'll have to be custom modifications.

fortigate packet capture to wireshark output dump etc.... maybe just make this a script with my cliui.
 -> parse verb 5, text2pcap blah out, open in wireshark, export as ps, ps2pdf blah


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Re: My todo list
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2013, 08:16:47 pm »
need a special kind of notes tool..

when adding notes, everything needs to be in a hierarchical ordering.. ie

                  -> SNORT
                  -> WIRESHARK


i'm tired of storing notes on the forum.. i need a node.js notes server which has this hierarchy so i can more efficiently find stuff.

First I need to just get a hierarchy working with the mysql db:

 insert node
 insert child
 move to

Moving chains of nodes around is important. Deleting a root/parent node and re-linking the other nodes somewhere else, is important. Or, send parentless nodes to their own tree.

 View: select groups
 GROUP abc through GROUP xyz

Group's being stuff that you subscribe too etc.

Receive updates, real time, email, wall/notification

Link images/text formatting/videos/urls etc

this is such a great project.