Author Topic: Adding reactive work to my 5/3/1 template  (Read 9911 times)

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Re: Adding reactive work to my 5/3/1 template
« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2012, 01:45:17 am »
Great info lance its much appreciated, il choose from measurable jumps like DLRVJ's, SVJ's bounding variations. and some low level pogos, hops etc. and il make sure to push them hard when i do them twice a week. if i incorporate something like hang cleans etc. what kind of set and rep range should i use?

  Something like 5 x 3, ramping weight so that the 5th set is the heaviest will work well until gains start to taper off and youre not hitting a pr each week on the last set.  Then, transition into ramping up to a daily max single, then back about 20 lbs and do 3 x 3.  The latter part of that will work for almost any lift and push the numbers up faster than just about anything you can do, but doing the triples to begin with will help you build your technique and get used to the movement.