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Re: People on here you dislike commenting on your log
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Raptor has been on these boards for a long time, sure he says some dumb shit every now and then but so do we all.  When everybody else is gone or quits training, stops posting, etc., he'll still be the one replying to your posts helping out and congratulating you when you do something good.


Lbss is a fellow duke fan. Nuff said.

good point, duke fucking sucks


you mad, op?  ;)

aint op, duke aint shit tho, unc all day.


you mad that duke jakes on unc?

North Carolina leads the all-time series 131-101.

Duke has won four NCAA championships (fifth all-time) and appeared in 10 Championship Games (second all-time) and 15 Final Fours (third all-tim

The Tar Heels have won five NCAA Tournament Championships (1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 and 2009)[2] and were retroactively named the national champions by the Helms Athletic Foundation for their undefeated season in 1924. North Carolina's five NCAA Tournament Championships is tied for third-most all-time.[3][4] They have also won 17 Atlantic Coast Conference tournament titles[5] and 28 Atlantic Coast Conference regular season titles[6] (including an Atlantic Coast Conference record 18 outright Regular Season Championships)

oh ok..... UNC shits on duke.