Author Topic: Why the fuck are u obsessed with jumping higher?  (Read 7457 times)

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Re: Why the fuck are u obsessed with jumping higher?
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I hate watching women play sports period!
Back to Andrew...

I don't think anyone has the guts to post ****ty videos of themselves, in a sad attempt to stroke their ego


Well Girljordan unracked 400 lbs or maybe more. How many of YOU GUYS did that or are able to do that.

So yeah, she has the guts to do it and you don't.

You do realize how fucking pointless and dumb that unracking shit is right? You do realize that most 8th grade females

could do the same thing right? You do realize thats not jack shit to be proud of and your squat looks like the most un athletic

display of an attempt at lifting that it induces instant vomitting right? You do realize that refusing learn how to actually train

has kept you from doing anything even somewhat impressive right?

unracking lmfao, gtfo.

But I can unrack 400! And I'm a girl!

How much plometrics you did?