Author Topic: The Kenyan Way  (Read 553 times)

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The Kenyan Way
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:22:25 pm »
ok so just found this to be fairly interesting, deserving of its' own thread.

so I comment & ask questions on @kenya_iten_experience, a running training camp in Kenya, for runners of all levels.

Anyway, they posted this nice idea, a shirt full of their runners' goals on it:

so they asked:

What's your goal?

so I respond:

Nice idea. My goal is to run 1 mile as fast as kipchoge can average for 26.2.. at 5.06 currently, lmao

they respond:

@andrewdarqui ha good idea. Then move to 5k...

I respond:

andrewdarquiYa @kenya_experience_iten hah thanks! Ya you nailed it. My approach is short to long. Figure out how to really run beautifully for 1, a relaxed, fast, sub 5 mile. then figure out how to stack them consecutively. "Becoming Kipchoge" for 1 is the first step for me. To me this is so important, because until I can do that, I just feel like I don't truly understand running. So if i literally have to put in 100 miles a week to run one beautiful mile, ill do that. Hah. Peace!

they respond with:

@andrewdarqui that's basically the Kenyan way. Just hit it hard at the front until you can't hold on any longer

So that's pretty cool .. i've heard similar things, but it's great to hear it from them.

I definitely think this is a great mindset for running .. it's like going into the ring and sparring, you're going to have to take some beatings before you really learn how to hold your own in there.