Author Topic: The Resting Heart Rate Thread  (Read 9826 times)

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Re: The Resting Heart Rate Thread
« Reply #30 on: April 21, 2018, 04:09:40 am »
something I wrote to someone (cyclist) today:

12:53 <@irma> some research warns against 30's RHR ... but, I wonder if there's a difference in how it's achieved.. ie, achieving it by being very lean & light, with low/moderate cardio, versus: TONS AND TONS AND TONS OF CARDIO
12:54 <@irma> the former seems safer ... your heart just doesn't have to work as hard, not as much mass/tissue to pump blood to
12:54 <@irma> the latter is an adaptation to very high levels of cardiovascular work
12:56 <@irma> i mean you hear stories of some people requiring pace makers later on in life.. like alberto salazar
12:56 <@irma> but, i wonder if that's also partly due to drug use in addition to tons of mileage
12:57 <@irma> i don't want to need a pace maker later on in life, that's for sure

there is a book you should read which addresses this issue. Haywire heart by Mandrola (and friends).
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