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Another Aussie
« on: April 10, 2011, 01:47:13 am »
i have known of you from t-nation forum for a while but never knew about this site, some goof stuff over here

I'm 33 in Sep, 168cms/5'6", 80kgs/180pds or so personal trainer from Melbourne.

My short history is that i was very reactive through my teens and early 20's where i was more of a 1 leg jumper (during aussie rules you jump off 1 leg for marks if you know of it like lebron does) where i could hang with all fingers over the rim

as i started to train "properly" as in stop reading those shitty muscle mags ir also coordinated with my move to the city from the country and thus ceased playing sport

so i stopped all reactive work of which i was dominant on and upper my max effort type training to now i'm probably neutral and i haven't touched a rim since about 2007 maybe 2008 (played some sporadic b'ball in that time)

about 6mths ago i did flying in 4 which worked i suppose although my testing methods weren't great...i own my own pt studio with a low (maybe 9ft high) roof so my testing was to hang a measuring tape from the roof and jump up and try to head butt it...with this method and program i improved from 70 pre program to 85cms w/ a straight up jump

currently i working on speed primary and vert secondary

current stats at a guess:

standing reach - 220cms/88"/7'3"
standing - the "long" bit of the net i'd say so what 9"8'ish? 65 - 70cms?? depends how warmed up too
running 2 leg very maybe an inch or 2 off
back squat - got up to 125 or something during flying in 4 but then i went away from them and deadlifted and thu i did 117.5 x 3
dl - 150kgs or something for a max

i've actually being potentiating my back squat sessions with some plyo's and top 1/2 bs where i can do 175kgs without blowing my arse out

i like to a be a well rounded athlete so i have a pretty even spread of lower vs upper body stuff

so last night and this morning i read most of the articles and there's some good potentiation stuff but my biggest query is probably trying to work out a template to go off
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