Author Topic: Some hip hop from 2000-2006 worth listening to  (Read 1809 times)

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Some hip hop from 2000-2006 worth listening to
« on: February 25, 2011, 09:01:23 pm »
this is an r&b song by joe and mystikal, who did some time in jail for rape
amazing song classic of course slow motion for me
this song is by mystikal, and it is goofy but it definitely goes hard, and this was one of scott storch's best beats before he became big and started charging big money for his beats, the song, titled "tarantula" was played in a CBS primer for the richmond NCAA tournament game in 2004 before they lost in the first round to wisconsin i believe...the A 10 was disgusting that year
possibly snoop dogg's best song. this one is called "lay low", and was the business back in 2001
special delivery ghostface tries to ruin this song by only allowing edited versions of it, anyhow beat is amazing, plus ghost's raccoon hat is nice
"back like that" ghostface killah-what can i say the vid is much better, but is edited plus add on youtube...pffft

and NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN the most G shit you never heard, or for anyone who gets smashed...a song bout conkin out...once again, this guy is in jail for aggravated sexual assault for the next 30 years or whatever...but he didn't do it. ("I must be high"-SPM)
cam'ron rappin hard with the diplomats
beanie sigel-mack bitch

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