Author Topic: How to carb load before high volume lifting session?  (Read 1633 times)

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How to carb load before high volume lifting session?
« on: March 28, 2019, 09:56:19 am »
Sup guys

noticed the past couple of years i havent been able to do high volume workouts like i used to when i was younger. i get gassed after a simple 3 work sets of squats, back ext, calf raises, ab pulldowns. now when i say gassed, i dont mean i'm tired as though i've done a lot of cardio. I mean like i have no will to continue - perhaps its cortisol levels rising. you know the feeling!

 so i want to experiment with carb loading rather than lifting in a fasted state like usual

what's the proper way to do this? I tried clif bar + coffee cream and sugar about 30 minutes before lifting once, and had a great workout. but after replicating this a few times, didn't notice much. must have been a fluke that day.

some ideas (i usually have my last meal at 10pm):
 - fast until 5pm, eat high GI carbs (50g), then lift 5:30pm and eat another 50g while lifting
 - fast until 3pm, eat like 100g oats, then lift at 5pm
 - fast until 8am, eat 100g oats, then lift at 11am (weekends)

does it make sense to have some whey pre-workout mixed in there?

on second thought, will drastically improving my cardio (or maybe lactic acid work instead) help me power through hour-long weight sessions where i get plenty of rest times? Or wou
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